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Subscription boxes find green ways to offer choice

18 Jan 2022 --- The beauty-to-your-door concept has grown in awareness and usage in recent years. Consumers are opting for hand-selected beauty and personal care (BPC) products, building on the personalized, do-it-yourself beauty and at-home spa trends we have seen gathering pace. Equally, for BPC brands, it provides a recurring income and opportunity to build a loyal community of beauty followers in the ever-competitive beauty landscape. In 2022, the focus for subscription boxes will turn to h

Beauty educator funds the planting of 100k trees

20 Jan 2022 --- Last year , the award-winning online natural cosmetic formulation school, met its record annual donation to charity with a gift of £30,000 shared between non-profit organizations Plantlife and TreeSisters. Plantlife is a British wild plant conservation charity working nationally and internationally to save threatened wild flowers, plants and fungi. TreeSisters, a UK registered social change and reforestation charity, works to place tropical forest restoration into everyone’s hand

Can coconut continue to conquer in 2022?

20 Jan 2022 --- Coconut has long been a popular ingredient choice for skin care and body care formulators. As beauty and personal care consumers increasingly seek natural, organic and vegan products, coconut has fulfilled numerous criteria while strongly resonating with those demanding skin care products with proven science and efficacy and who are looking for brightening and illuminating skin health solutions. The fruit has increased its presence in personal care products that feature a skin h

Pulpac goes big on in-line recycling system

20 Jan 2022 --- Swedish packaging innovator Pulpac - which invented and patented its Dry Molded Fiber (DMF) technique in a bid to maximize the use of paper or cellulose as a viable, scalable and globally available material - has combined the in-line recycling of un-molded materials and sustainable barrier additives to improve efficiency in personal care products. DMF is a manufacturing technology designed for the circular economy, which uses renewable pulp and cellulose resources to produce low

E.S.I launches next generation smart skin care system

4 Jan 2022 --- Medical aesthetics company E.S.I Novel - part of the technology company, Essence Group – has released JÓLI360 Plus, the next iteration of its original facial rejuvenation platform. The upgraded version enables dermatologists and professional cosmeticians to offer acne and anti-aging treatments using an all-in-one Internet of Things (IoT)-based system. “It was the digitalization of all main industries that initially inspired us to enter the market,” shares General Manager Barak Ka

Building a circle of success for Black female entrepreneurs

4 Jan 2022 --- The CEO of Mielle Organics Monique Rodriguez’s desire to reach back and help build a foundation for other women in entrepreneurship inspired her role in the company’s first global education and entrepreneurship program. Hailed as the fastest growing Black-owned and women-led global beauty brand, Mielle Organics has recently celebrated its inaugural class’s graduation from the 2021 Newark Business Hub (NBH) Professional Online Global Entrepreneurship Certificate Program. The progr

Skin care packaging aiming to be beautifully sustainable

6 Jan 2022 --- Near the end of last year, the leading South Korean beauty and cosmetics brand Amorepacific paired with the global specialty materials provider Eastman to implement sustainable packaging solutions into its beauty business via the use of molecular recycling technologies. Under the deal, Amorepacific’s cosmetics brand Laneige will use packaging made from Eastman’s Cristal Renew copolyester. The certified recycled content in the packaging is achieved by allocating waste plastic to c

Battling over-consumption, waste and greenwashing

6 Jan 2022 --- Working with a group of industry experts, the Sustainable Beauty Coalition (SBC) has designed a guide to help consumers dispel sustainability myths around their sought-after beauty buys and opt for authentic, environmentally-friendly products. “We created the Planet Positive Beauty Guide to help consumers make greener, better-informed purchasing decisions when it comes to selecting more ‘planet positive’ beauty products,” says Jayn Sterland, Chair of the SBC. Following the releas

Hair color touch-up range aims to cover all bases

11 Jan 2022 --- As it introduced its conceal and cover hair color collection, eSalon revealed it took inspiration for the line after seeing the frustration caused among consumers who were unable to find a temporary touch-up product to match their hair color. The new product has been designed to allow for seamless and convenient touch-ups in between hair coloring. To create the company's latest addition to its professional-grade hair care line, the formula for the color-safe product was develope

The sustainability credentials of solid formulations

11 Jan 2022 --- Environmentally sustainable products may have an ethical advantage in the crowded beauty and personal care space, but trust and performance issues can prove tough barriers to climb when competing against long-standing “favorite” brands. A strong social and ecological message carries great weight, but only if the product stands up and delivers for the consumer. Providing insights on whether beauty and personal care (BPC) consumers are turning towards solid formats for their produ

Matching beauty demands to skin tone

13 Jan 2022 --- Lycored has unveiled new research in its white paper, Beautiful Diversity: Meeting the needs of people of all skin tones. It explores the ways beauty and personal care needs differ depending on an individual consumer’s skin tone. The manufacturer of carotenoid ingredients for ingestible skin care surveyed 1,285 consumers in the US and UK in August 2021. All had purchased a product for their skin over the past 12 months. Basing its method on the Fitzpatrick scale, Lycored asked i

Indie beauty conversation with Phystine

13 Jan 2022 --- Kicking off our Indie beauty conversations for 2022 is Phystine, a finalist in the sustainable packaging category in last year’s Ecovia Sustainable Beauty Awards. We caught up with Co-founder Clemens Bechter to learn more about its eco-conscious approach to the beauty and personal care industry. Can you tell me about your inspiration behind launching Phystine? We wanted to use skin care that we are 100% sure does not contain any harmful substances, is 100% natural and effective

The non-discriminating ingestible that sees no differences

7 Dec 2021 --- Lycored’s new product Lumenato is a calibrated extract of natural tomato nutrients and antioxidants with benefits for skin wellness and beauty. The ingredient is designed to allow natural phytonutrients that help to maintain the skin’s softness, resilience, and suppleness. “At the most fundamental level, Lumenato was inspired by the belief that beautiful healthy skin starts on the inside,” shares Zev Ziegler, Head of Global Brand and Marketing Health at Lycored. In particular, it

Essity pursues CO2-free green hydrogen process

7 Dec 2021 --- The leading global hygiene and health company Essity is pursuing green hydrogen in a bid to be the first company to carry out a large-scale industrial hydrogen test with ongoing production. The company reviewed its production processes at its site in Kostheim, Germany, looking into various technologies to create carbon dioxide (CO2)-free production. Currently, the company’s paper machines are responsible for most of the site’s CO2 production. Until now, natural gas was the only a

Indie beauty conversation with Formula Botanica

9 Dec 2021 --- Formula Botanica - the online teaching institution for organic formulation and indie beauty entrepreneurship – is preparing to enter natural makeup formulation and launch an alumni program in 2022. We caught up with CEO Lorraine Dallmeier to look back at the pioneer’s 10 years of innovative beauty education and find out what the future holds. What was the inspiration behind launching Formula Botanica? My mission for the school is to teach the world to formulate, as everyone can

Lancer Skincare launches virtual dermatology shop

9 Dec 2021 --- Bringing together the worlds of dermatology and personalized digital consumer experiences, Lancer Skincare is partnering with ByondXR to create a 3D rendering of its renowned dermatology clinic and, with it, an immersive shopping experience for skin care consumers. Striving to optimize the retail experience by creating real-life stores and showrooms in virtual environments, ByondXR enables consumers to browse products online via its customizable 3D platform and photorealism. “By

Beraca boasts new inclusive clay beauty range

14 Dec 2021 --- With the launch of its naturally colored clays, Beraca aims to produce contemporary, responsible and sustainable cosmetic active ingredients. Sourced from Brazilian biomes, the clay-based ingredients have been formulated to provide the beauty industry with makeup, skin care and hair care solutions. Beraca Natural Ingredients advocates responsible production, describing this in its latest press release as “one of the most influential behaviors in the world.” Working in the perfum

Clariant opens its doors to expanded digital world

14 Dec 2021 --- Leading specialty chemicals developer Clariant saw that the personal care market is undergoing a period of immense change, categorised by advancing digitalization, new textures and novel formats. As a result, the Swiss multinational spotted the opportunity to develop its online presence and activities. Amid this surge in market digitalization, along with the growing demand for new textures and formats, today’s consumers are seeking quick and effective solutions for their ever-ev

Indie beauty conversations: A round-up of 2021

16 Dec 2021 --- Inspiration, ingenuity and innovation have dominated throughout the beauty and personal care industry in 2021 — and we have been excited to capture them through our indie beauty conversations. Here, we take a look at just a snapshot of the exciting indie beauty founders and brands shaping the BPC landscape this year. Early on in our indie beauty conversations, in April, we spoke to the Co-Founder of the halal certified makeup brand Shade M Beauty, . We talked about the company’s

Subscription box boom beating the pandemic blues

16 Dec 2021 --- “During the height of COVID, the beauty industry faced many challenges,” says Rich Quelch, Global Head of Marketing at Lifestyle Packaging. ”With the government making face masks mandatory, nowhere to go and limited places to buy non-essential grooming products, consumers made fewer makeup purchases throughout 2020.” That said, the landscape seemingly told a different story depending on the beauty and personal care segment concerned. “While cosmetics sales dwindled, skin care pr
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