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Microplastics Now Found in Human Blood

Risks for Inflammation in Human Organs Still Unknown In a scientific first, researchers have found microplastics in human blood. A recent study reveals that tiny plastic particles can travel within the body via the circulatory system. The study by researchers from the Department of Environment and Health at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Amsterdam University Medical Center detected tiny pieces of plastic in 77% of participants tested. This is "the first real-world evidence that plastic part

Can Healthy Soil Mitigate Natural Disasters?

The solution to some of the world’s most prevalent and catastrophic problems, such as natural disasters, may be closer than we think. In fact, it may be right beneath our feet. Healthy soil benefits every aspect of life, either directly or indirectly. One of the most instrumental—and perhaps surprising—ways soil impacts life for both people and the planet is by helping to mitigate natural disasters. Often, well-intentioned government policies react to natural disasters with initiatives to impr

Cal-Earth Makes Disaster-Resistant Superadobe Construction a Reality

Building safe and sustainable housing is a challenge, especially in disaster-prone regions, and ensuring that it is affordable and accessible can seem impossible. At last, as The Earth & I learned from its interview with Dastan Khalili, carefully designed and patented Superadobe home construction is available, providing a simple and easy way for people everywhere to create attractive, resilient dwellings. Adobe homes have been around for at least 8,000 years, but natural disasters have shown ho

UN Human Rights Council Declares Right to Healthy Environment

The United Nations Human Rights Council confirms the human right to a healthy environment in a landmark declaration. How did this newly observed right come into recognition? And what does it mean for member states and global citizens? In October 2021, the Human Rights Council (HRC) of the United Nations adopted two resolutions related to human rights and climate change. The first recognizes the human right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment while the second is a resolution that ad

Vertical Farming Grows Up in Europe

While vertical farming (VF) enjoys opportunities and rapid growth—bringing the sector significant investment, hype, and hope as a potential provider of global food security—widespread concerns remain about energy costs, taste, nutrition, and VF’s adaptability to a broad range of crops. Will the VF sector expand to fill a niche or burgeon to successfully feed the world? Vertical farming—a rapidly growing sector of indoor agriculture—primarily produces hydroponically grown greens and herbs near a

Emerging Science: fresh produce and light manipulation

Food Manufacture speaks to Jen Bromley, PhD and head of plant research and development at London-based vertical farming innovator Vertical Future, to find out more. Food liking is a key driver that repeatedly brings consumers back to the same food choices. When it comes to product development, taste is paramount. In 2020, 88% of consumers confirmed that taste is the primary reason for buying a food item, the International Food Information Council Foundation’s survey found.​ Taste ranked above

Tree Communities Harness the Power of Interdependence

Trees are known to compete for sunlight and soil resources, but forest researchers have discovered a deeper reality beneath the ground. Trees actually relate to one another in communities and even share essential nutrients through their roots. Dr. Camille Defrenne, an ecologist specializing in plant-fungal symbioses at the Climate Change Science Institute and Environmental Sciences Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, is one such researcher who has studied the inner workings

AptarGroup acquires CSP Technologies

For a total investment of $555 million (€466.7 million), dispensing and sealing solutions supplier AptarGroup has now completed the acquisition of proprietary material science-based firm, CSP Technologies. AptarGroup continues to move towards its strategic objective to acquire businesses that occupy a share in appealing marketplaces, boast consistently strong margins, have secure growth opportunities, and utilise proprietary technology. CSP Technologies falls into this last category as it leve

Plastipak releases new aerosol bottle sizes

As it focuses on the next-generation of its lightweight PET aerosol bottle range, Plastipak is expanding its commercial collection of SprayPet products from 100ml, 220ml and 335ml sizes to include the larger 600 ml and 800 ml variations. Contemporary producers are seeking accessible products that meet larger format packaging needs, Kurt Wolschleger, Category Manager at Plastipak said in a recent press release. In a bid to respond to consumer demands, the company has taken its first step in bui

Ball Aerosol Packaging presents high-definition printing technology

Aerosol can manufacturer Ball Aerosol Packaging has launched its new Eyeris proprietary printing technique,, Eyeris. The brand offers a high-definition printing technology that gives aluminium aerosol customers the opportunity to access and embrace photo-realistic packaging designs. The company creates sustainable packaging solutions for personal product, household care and beverage customers. It is also relevant for aerospace and other technologies and services applicable for use by the US gov

AptarGroup acquires CSP Technologies

For a total investment of $555 million (€466.7 million), dispensing and sealing solutions supplier AptarGroup has now completed the acquisition of proprietary material science-based firm, CSP Technologies. AptarGroup continues to move towards its strategic objective to acquire businesses that occupy a share in appealing marketplaces, boast consistently strong margins, have secure growth opportunities, and utilise proprietary technology. CSP Technologies falls into this last category as it leve

Colep and Henkel partner to produce lightweight Syoss cans

Leading player in the consumer goods packaging and contract manufacturing industries, Colep, will collaborate with beauty, home and adhesive technology name Henkel to produce a lightweight alternative. Together, the duo will collaborate to create lightweight tinplate cans for Colep’s professional hairstyling brand, Syoss. Reducing the can’s weight by 18%, Syoss’ new hair styling aerosol cans were inspired by sustainable packaging trends that use fewer materials, energy and water. Adopting a st

Sun Chemical acquires oxide manufacturer Cathay Industries

Located in Valparaiso, Indiana, the acquisition includes all of Cathay Industries’ customers, property and business-related assets. Sun Chemical is a leading producer of printing inks, coatings and supplies, pigments, polymers, liquid and solid compounds, and application materials. “This acquisition further demonstrates Sun Chemical and DIC’s commitment to being the leading and most innovative colour and effects supplier to the global cosmetics market,” highlighted Myron Petruch, DIC executive

SC Johnson shares scientific research on using repellents

Urban entomology research centre, The SC Johnson Institute of Insect Science for Family Health, provides information on using personal insect repellents to reassure health and safety-conscious consumers. US-based manufacturer, SC Johnson Institute of Insect Science for Family Health, produces household cleaning products and products for home storage, air care, pest control and shoe care, as well as professional products. Entomologists from the SC Johnson Institute of Insect Science for Family

Honeywell collaborates with Carnegie Mellon University to boost distribution centre technology

Software-industrial and performance materials global company, Honeywell, partners with Carnegie Mellon University to develop artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic technology advancements. In entering this strategic collaboration, Honeywell aims to support distribution centres following growing industry demands from the rising e-commerce market. On 28 August 2018, Honeywell — a leading player in the aerospace, automotive and personal care companies — is pursuing the digital environment to re

Henkel unveils sustainable packaging targets

German chemical and consumer goods company, Henkel, reveals its ambitious sustainability objectives to advocate for a circular economy. On 3 September, Henkel unveiled it was extending its strategic framework by releasing packaging targets to progress its sustainability initiatives. Henkel’s existing packaging goals outline the company’s adherence to consumer expectations, along with its commitment to using the minimal amounts of packaging materials. By recently expanding its strategic framew

Formulated Solutions promotes eN₂fused whipped lotion technology

Manufacturing and development company, Formulated Solutions, pushes its eN₂fused Whipped Lotion Technology to the US and global marketplaces. Formulated Solutions has launched its patent-pending innovative dispensing technology, designed to support ease of application, as well as convenient and rapid absorption. What does this new technology do? The eN₂fused whipped lotion technology, created by the US producer, has implemented a cutting-edge gas-infused formula. This unique advancement then

Croda forms strategic alliance with SiSaf

Speciality chemicals company, Croda, and biotech brand, SiSaf form a strategic partnership to access and advance SiSaf’s drug delivery technology. The UK-based duo has entered into a commercial agreement, which will see high performance ingredient and technologies name, Croda, develop the biopharmaceutical company’s new, patented drug delivery technology, ProSilic. As part of this new collaboration, Croda has also purchased a minority share in SiSaf’s business. Active ingredients, format, fra

Coster Group launches new actuator and publishes debut sustainability report

Leading manufacturer in the aerosol and dispensing packaging industry, Coster Group, releases its Sferino actuator and sustainability report to further its commercial and eco-friendly initiatives. Coster Group designs and produces a wide range of actuators and spray caps for aerosol valves. Available in both standard and exclusive customised applications, Coster publishes its first sustainability report to unveil the economic, environmental and social impacts of the company’s activities. Using

Avon promotes Skin So Soft Bug Guard repellent

Leading US social selling beauty company accentuates how its DEET-free insect repellent helps to protect consumers against the risk of contracting Lyme disease and other viruses. Highlighting the prevalence of tick, mosquito and flea-transmitted diseases, the award-winning beauty name emphasises the importance of prevention and protection. Avon noted how the US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) argues that tick-borne diseases are increasing, particularly in areas where Lyme disease is commonpl
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