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Roquette Ventures invests in AP Technologies to develop HMOs for infant nutrition

Nutrition company Roquette, which has manufacturing operations in Brazil, will pair its venture investment arm with the protein manufacturing firm, Advanced Protein Technologies (AP Technologies). Together, the two companies will explore and progress understanding and capabilities of human breast milk nutritional components. Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs), which can only be found in human milk, are cognitive and immune-activating ingredients. Protein manufacturing technology specialists, AP...

Mindful eating dominates as consumers seek rich nutritious profiles

Described by Euromonitor International as a “constantly evolving trend”, ​mindful eating revolves around a balanced diet that contains nutritious foods. As well as reducing or removing ‘bad’ nutrients such as sugar, salt or carbs in their diets, consumers are simultaneously trying to increase the amount of ‘good’ nutrients, such as fiber and protein, they eat. New beliefs around food are driving consumer preferences for more natural and less-processed foods, short ingredient lists, clean labels...

Label harmonization will lead national nutrition strategies in 2020

Speaking with NutraIngredients-LATAM, David Pineda Ereño, Advisor on Strategy, Policy and Regulation at DPE International Consulting explained the developments we can expect to see in individual Latin American countries to improve nutrition and support targets. While three key ​are set to spearhead nutritional development strategies across the LATAM region in 2020, there is a wide variety of initiatives and actions taking place on the national level. Throughout LATAM, individual nations are ex

Argentina announces 50% increase in nutrition policy budget amid food emergency

Although 2019 has witnessed its anticipated record levels of cereal production, it has failed to turnaround the growing intensity of the threat to food and nutrition. Due to the acute weakening of the local currency and rising inflation rate, cereal prices have spiked at an ongoing and detrimental rate. As a result, the alarming pricing levels are drastically restricting the Argentinian population’s access to food. 2018 saw the Latin American country’s GDP experience negative growth, depreciat

Life stage nutrition leads consumer segmentation in the era of eating occasions

For manufacturers and retailers, life stage nutrition is a core area for new product creations. As brands strive for more segmented product portfolios, the oldest and youngest consumer demographics have stood out as target markets to appeal to. With aging populations in Latin America, food producers are drafting innovative and novel ideas to “meet the unique nutritional needs” ​of older purchasers, market intelligence provider, Euromonitor International reports. By 2030, 991 million people aro

Nestle Health Science Brazil launches nutrition-based health program

Nestlé Health Science (NHSc) Brazil has introduced Nestlé Beyond Food, a competition that plans to create and build partnerships with startups in e-health. The contest program, which is accepting entries until 25th October, is collaborating with entrepreneur network, StartSe, and R&D and manufacturing specialists, Innoscience. Together, the trio aims to commence and accelerate business success by working with up to three Brazilian startups between 2019 and 2020.

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences explores plant-based and probiotics expansion

When it comes to megatrends impacting consumer-style, behavior and choice — health and well-being is one such trend that is influencing different demographics, generations and geographies. DuPont sees that this is “no different in Latin America”, ​explained Daniel Borges, LATAM Sales and Industry Leader of Probiotics, Fibers and HMO at DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences. Consumers are looking for benefits that appeal to their personal, their family’s and their planet’s wellbeing.

Clean recipes help sports nutrition enter the mainstream

Amrin Walji, Senior Innovation Analyst at Mintel explains that in Latin America, consumers are after clean recipes. Emphasizing the importance of ingredient transparency, product label clarity and health, the industry is honing in on ensuring its sports nutrition segment is set up to deliver on these demands. Market intelligence provider, Euromonitor International asserts how sports nutrition remains an “evolving category”​ in the region.

Unilever vows to work with third party to test the nutrient levels in Mexican products after report highlights shortcomings

We speak with Alice Delemare Tangpuori from Changing Markets Foundation to look at what impact this has on consumer confidence and transparency in the food industry. The Changing Markets Foundation, Proyecto Alimente and ContraPESO teamed up to explore Unilever’s commitment to, and deliverance of, its global nutritional responsibility. Their research, which culminated in the trio’s Changing Markets ​, found that the global leader in food production is failing to keep to its worldwide promises,

What's next for blockchain in the food industry?

European retailers and food manufacturers are maximising their efforts in food tracking to optimise transparency in the supply chain. A whole host of brands have activated blockchain technology to highlight the need for product and supply transparency that communicates safety and quality. Looking after the supply chain European supermarkets and manufacturers are striving to reduce the complexity and potential confusion of supply chains by implementing QR codes and product labelling. Carrefour

Genomma Lab and UPI promote infant nutrition in Mexico

Group Novalac Nutrition & Health-owned UP International (UPI) has granted Genomma Lab the exclusive license to market its Novamil and Novalac infant nutrition products in Mexico as it develops its presence in Latin America. Both UPI and Genomma Lab “strongly support breastfeeding as the best nutrition for babies”.​ As such, they aim to evolve their nutrition products to support breastfeeding while simultaneously offering nutritional supplements for babies who cannot be breastfed. As part of th

Fiber-rich food appeals to health, diet and lifestyle needs

Roquette conducted an online survey with participants in Mexico, Brazil and the US. When it comes to food and nutrition awareness, while sugar and fat may be considered as highly prevalent in the media and health organization’s campaign initiatives, fiber remains somewhat in the background. The French-based leader in plant-based ingredients and new vegetal proteins gathered responses from consumers in Mexico, Brazil and the US to understand perceptions about fiber in food and drinks. Increasin

Are our attitudes to meat changing?

With sustainability and health credibility strongly encouraging consumers to question their eating habits, our tastes and consumption of meat are evolving. The awareness and understanding surrounding our impact on the state of the planet is increasing; raising difficult questions on the way we live our lives and the food we choose to buy and eat. As a result, specific substitutes are gaining traction, market research provider Euromonitor International revealed. “Ultimately, more and more peopl

Are plant-based milks entering a vegan renaissance?

Gone are the days when the appeal of plant-based milk was only related to its perceived health benefits, notably as shoppers sought allergen-free and lactose-free products. In fact, that time has 'long gone', Roux told FoodNavigator. Amid the rise of plant-based milk varieties, consumers are consciously choosing to 'drink plant-based milk for its taste'. In Spain, for example, 32% of consumers prefer the taste of plant-based milk to dairy milk. Unsurprisingly, plant-based milk brands are bring

Peru employs communication strategy to improve nutrition

The food-assistance branch of the United Nations, World Food Program (WFP), has maintained a role in Peru since 1968. Over this time, its presence and support have transformed from equipping the country with food aid to bolstering its national, regional and community nutritional scope. Adopting its global campaign: Saving lives, changing lives, the recently-published country brief reveals its operational influencers and strategic plans to promote healthier eating habits to reduce child malnutri

Chilean healthy nutrition brand Denda raises $1 million

The Latin American company strives to provide people with online products that are sustainable and responsible within the environment. After receiving $1 million from numerous national investors, Denda now plans to grow its sustainability presence. Sudamerik, a natural product retailer, and Dadneo, a management group focusing on entrepreneurship in Chile and Latin America, led the funding round. Two angel investors also contributed to Denda’s capital injection, creating a total of $1 million in

Nutrition in Health Focus Could saves Millions of Lives, WHO says

To achieve the life-saving goal, health services will need to implement and integrate a stronger emphasis on maximizing high-quality nutrition in people, at every stage of their life, the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals in a new report​. Reaching the goal of saving 3.7 million lives by 2025 is largely based on organizations and companies around the world supporting the right investments​[1]​​​. Outlining how instrumental nutrition should be in overall health education and provision, Dr

DSM and Vitamins Angels reach global vitamin A milestone

Emphasizing the critical first 1,000 days of life, together, DSM and Vitamin Angels promote the importance of global nutrition by providing lifesaving vitamins to pregnant women and children around the world who are at risk of malnutrition. Why is Vitamin A so Vital?​ As vitamin A is a necessary nutrient in the growth and development of individuals, especially children, DSM and Vitamin Angels are seeking to overcome the problems relating to cultural taboos, the environment and infrastructure t

Deterioration of food security in Venezuela is “palpable”

“The case of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is very particular because it was the only country in the region where the prevalence and the number of undernourished increased between the trienniums 2004-2006 and 2016-2018,”​ emphasizes Ricardo Rapallo, FAO Senior Policy Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean. Estimations reveal that “5 out of 6 of the people who joined the undernourished population in the region during that same period live in Venezuela,”​ Rapallo expressed. Describin

“We definitely can eradicate hunger and push back the rising tide of malnutrition”, FAO Senior Policy Officer says

The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2019 report revealed the true scale of undernourishment and hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean. “The increase in hunger in recent years is strongly associated with the economic slowdown of the region, ​Ricardo Rapallo, FAO Senior Policy Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean, explained. Key Societal and Economic Factors at Play in Latin America​ South America accounts for the majority of the number of undernourished people with
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