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The M-Commerce Revolution, And What It Means For Your IT

The M-Commerce Revolution, And What It Means For Your IT M-commerce might seem like a new term, but it’s a concept that’s been around for a long time. The only difference is, it’s going through rapid growth in popularity, and now the m-commerce industry is starting to take over from regular e-commerce. The message to retailers is clear – consumer habits are changing dramatically, and they need to be able to change with it. It’s not just retailers who are feeling the pinch. Businesses of every

The Role of IT in a B2B Environment

The Role of IT in a B2B Environment At Indigo IT, we work with technology and IT solutions to support business-to-business (B2B) companies. We have discovered that for some people, that may mean setting up email servers and acting as an outsourced tech support line. Which we do. However, we can help you achieve much more. You see, the role of IT in the B2B space is actually much bigger than we may think; when leveraged properly it can be used to improve all areas of the business, from producti

What Bots Really Mean For Business

What Bots Really Mean For Business Believe it or not, we are in the middle of a new revolution. But unlike the previous revolution, which was powered by steel and smoke, we are now in the age of digital revolution. As technology advances and becomes more widely available, the way we view and interact with the world is changing. In particular, the world of business is seeing a surge in new developments, with digital solutions almost taking on a life of their own. One way this can be seen is in

What Our Mobile Reliance Means For Security And Privacy

What Our Mobile Reliance Means For Security And Privacy The next time you’re out and about, take a good look at the people around you. More specifically, look at their hands. We bet you would be hard-pushed to find many that don’t have a smartphone clutched in them. Whether we’re taking business calls, perusing our favourite app, or just checking Facebook for the fiftieth time that day, smartphones have become as essential a part of our lives. As a society, we’ve become reliant on smartphones

How Technology Is Upping its Game to Improve Operational Productivity

How Technology Is Upping its Game to Improve Operational Productivity Since its invention, technology has always been used to make our lives easier. It comes in all shapes and sizes, but ultimately the goal for technology has always been to improve our lives by making everyday tasks simple and more efficient. That covers everything from keeping all your contacts in one portable device instead of a Rolodex (who remembers those!?), through to automating a data entry function that would take a h

What Is Managed Print, And Why Should You Care?

What Is Managed Print, And Why Should You Care? At Indigo IT, we are always looking for ways we can improve our service and our offerings. This can be learning about new products, investing in new hardware, or in some cases, developing completely new services to add to our portfolio. This month we are very excited to announce that Indigo IT is now offering a fully managed print service to all of our customers, new and existing. This move has been a long time coming and is something we genuinel

The Growth Of Interconnectivity

In 2018, we saw distinct trends develop in the IT industry: the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and Edge. All of these technologies have been growing in their own ways over the last 12 months, They have been evolving and changing with the needs of modern business. The technologies have been growing together, interconnecting and creating a single IT model for the 2019 landscape. In today’s blog, we’re taking a look at what interconnectivity is. We’re exp

Digital Transformation: Leading from the Top

The increasing role of the CEO in IT decisions There was a time when IT decisions would be left entirely to the IT department, with CTO’s weighing in if needed. For businesses not big enough to have a CTO and full department, IT decisions usually fell to the people in the business who had the most technical know-how. The CEO focused on strictly strategic and high-level actions and considerations. But now, the world is changing. And so CEOs are finding themselves getting more and more involv

How Connected Cloud Connects Your Business

Cloud computing is a concept that’s been around in business for some time now, and it’s slowly but surely being embraced by organisations across the UK. For a while, many people assumed cloud computing was only interesting to IT professionals or tech geeks who love computers. But now, cloud computing is something everyone is talking about, from your large-scale corporates to individual business owners running their business from a back bedroom. But why is that? What can cloud computing do to

What ITaaS Means For Your Business?

What ITaaS Means For Your Business? There was a day when technology wasn’t an essential component of business life. You could get by with the basics, or with nothing at all if you were really resourceful. But now that technology has evolved, it’s increasingly become a vital part of running a successful business. From a to larger SME, to global conglomerate, businesses of any size require a whole host of technology solutions. They’re vital to communicate with clients, fulfil work orders and eve