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Probiotics, proteins and combination supplements evolve in Uruguay

Probiotics supplements continue to reign supreme in the dietary supplements arena. In 2019 — and for three consecutive years — probiotics are seen as a strong, adaptable and innovative space, enabling brands to experiment with new and novel formulations and product offerings. Straddling both the innovative design and preventative health spheres, probiotic supplements appeal to both on-trend consumer demands and their health-based needs.

World Food Day 2019 urges everyone to take action to achieve zero hunger

The annual event may take place on 16th October, but it's a campaign of commitments and actions that occur all year round. This year’s World Food Day promotes the importance and meaning of zero hunger, which focuses on nourishing people and nurturing the planet. “Zero hunger goes beyond hunger”, ​Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) says in its World Food Day promotional video. “It means enough nutritious food for everyone, everywhere.”​

Active Pharmaceutica and BioActor enter into exclusive partnership

Already available in the US and Europe, BioActor is now setting its sights on expansion in Latin America, by entering the marketplace through Brazil’s compounding pharmacy market. Under their partnership agreement, Dutch BioActor will see its proprietary sports performance ingredient, WATTS’UP, targeted at, and distributed in, the compounding pharmacy market in Brazil. Active Pharmaceutica will apply its specialist experience in importing and distributing raw materials in Brazil...

Eating out, mindfulness and plant-based trends will dominate industry, whitepaper reveals

Euromonitor International, a market intelligence company, highlights how three leading themes: consumer segmentation, mindful consumption, and plant-based eating are set to influence new product developments in food and nutrition. The global food and nutrition industry grew by 1.6% in 2013-2018 and its popularity continues to rise, Euromonitor International states. Latin America is expected to see a hike in packaged food sales growth of 2.7%, reaching 244.8 billion by 2023...

Peru focuses on agriculture and education to lower child malnutrition

In releasing its new strategy, the World Food Programme (WFP), is pursuing an advocacy, partnering and convening role in Peru as it steps up its commitment to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 2: to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture. WFP will utilize and collate social mobilization, evidence generation and communications to achieve these goals.

UN makes landmark decision to achieve universal health goals

Following calls from the WHO and partners to double health coverage between now and 2030 or leave up to 5 billion people unable to access health care, the declaration was formed and announced on the 23rd September. What does the Global Action Plan include?​ Global heads met to discuss the world’s advancement towards universal health coverage (UHC) by investing in four primary health care areas. Commenting on these health care areas, Agnes Soucat, a Director in the UHC and LifeCourse Division a

Health and wellness sphere is “heading in a very positive direction”: GNC executives state

1. Can you tell me a little about GNC - your brand, products and values?​ John Learish, SVP of Marketing at GNC: GNC has a strong and proud heritage of providing innovative, high quality and efficacious supplements to help motivated consumers achieve their goals and live well. We are on an unwavering quest to develop and source the most advanced and proven effective products to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. All GNC products have the highest quality ingredients and go through intensive

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences explores plant-based and probiotics expansion

When it comes to megatrends impacting consumer-style, behavior and choice — health and well-being is one such trend that is influencing different demographics, generations and geographies. DuPont sees that this is “no different in Latin America”, ​explained Daniel Borges, LATAM Sales and Industry Leader of Probiotics, Fibers and HMO at DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences. Consumers are looking for benefits that appeal to their personal, their family’s and their planet’s wellbeing.

Wellness Week 2019 encourages health and education to collaborate to “build healthy schools”

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) launched this year’s Wellness Week with making health easy at the forefront of its campaign. PAHO is urging health and education sectors in Pan America to work together to create healthy schools. Adopting the #AHealthySchoolIs as part of its social media campaign, Wellness Week — celebrated between 14th-21st September 2019 — strives to use the increased awareness and united efforts to advocate for better health. It calls for the Ministries of Health a

Clean recipes help sports nutrition enter the mainstream

Amrin Walji, Senior Innovation Analyst at Mintel explains that in Latin America, consumers are after clean recipes. Emphasizing the importance of ingredient transparency, product label clarity and health, the industry is honing in on ensuring its sports nutrition segment is set up to deliver on these demands. Market intelligence provider, Euromonitor International asserts how sports nutrition remains an “evolving category”​ in the region.

Unilever vows to work with third party to test the nutrient levels in Mexican products after report highlights shortcomings

We speak with Alice Delemare Tangpuori from Changing Markets Foundation to look at what impact this has on consumer confidence and transparency in the food industry. The Changing Markets Foundation, Proyecto Alimente and ContraPESO teamed up to explore Unilever’s commitment to, and deliverance of, its global nutritional responsibility. Their research, which culminated in the trio’s Changing Markets ​, found that the global leader in food production is failing to keep to its worldwide promises,

Obesity levels in Mexico call for emergency action

The ​ by Díaz-Zavala (2019), entitled Lifestyle intervention for obesity: a call to transform the clinical care delivery system in Mexico​, shines a light on the epidemiological emergency in Mexico. As obesity and its co-morbidities have not only remained, but increased in prevalence in Latin America, obesity has “become the most important public health problems for Latin America”​, the recently-published study states. With overweight and obesity affecting 72.5% of adults, approximately 56 mill

ANVISA opens public consultation on food labeling in Brazil

The National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) opened the public consultation on food labeling on 23rd September 2019. ANVISA, a regulatory body of the Brazilian government, unveiled that a core goal of the review is to gather consumer understanding on nutritional information. The public consultation, which will close after 45 days on 6th November 2019, will explore current Brazilian labeling standards. Published in the Official Gazette (DOU), it seeks to gain comments and insights on wheth

Genomma Lab and UPI promote infant nutrition in Mexico

Group Novalac Nutrition & Health-owned UP International (UPI) has granted Genomma Lab the exclusive license to market its Novamil and Novalac infant nutrition products in Mexico as it develops its presence in Latin America. Both UPI and Genomma Lab “strongly support breastfeeding as the best nutrition for babies”.​ As such, they aim to evolve their nutrition products to support breastfeeding while simultaneously offering nutritional supplements for babies who cannot be breastfed. As part of th

Fiber-rich food appeals to health, diet and lifestyle needs

Roquette conducted an online survey with participants in Mexico, Brazil and the US. When it comes to food and nutrition awareness, while sugar and fat may be considered as highly prevalent in the media and health organization’s campaign initiatives, fiber remains somewhat in the background. The French-based leader in plant-based ingredients and new vegetal proteins gathered responses from consumers in Mexico, Brazil and the US to understand perceptions about fiber in food and drinks. Increasin

Peru employs communication strategy to improve nutrition

The food-assistance branch of the United Nations, World Food Program (WFP), has maintained a role in Peru since 1968. Over this time, its presence and support have transformed from equipping the country with food aid to bolstering its national, regional and community nutritional scope. Adopting its global campaign: Saving lives, changing lives, the recently-published country brief reveals its operational influencers and strategic plans to promote healthier eating habits to reduce child malnutri

Argentina: Economic instability, global brand dominance and localized efforts

In the Argentinian nutrition sphere, consumers are focusing on proactive approaches to health, which is supported by the innovative activities of global firms entering the marketplace. Longer-term disease prevention efforts are replacing treatment remedies (OTC), and dietary supplements are strongly helping the movement gather pace. With the prevalence of overweight and obesity levels set to increase over the forecast period between 2018-2023, product purchasers and brands alike are expected to

Chilean healthy nutrition brand Denda raises $1 million

The Latin American company strives to provide people with online products that are sustainable and responsible within the environment. After receiving $1 million from numerous national investors, Denda now plans to grow its sustainability presence. Sudamerik, a natural product retailer, and Dadneo, a management group focusing on entrepreneurship in Chile and Latin America, led the funding round. Two angel investors also contributed to Denda’s capital injection, creating a total of $1 million in

Nutrition in Health Focus Could saves Millions of Lives, WHO says

To achieve the life-saving goal, health services will need to implement and integrate a stronger emphasis on maximizing high-quality nutrition in people, at every stage of their life, the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals in a new report​. Reaching the goal of saving 3.7 million lives by 2025 is largely based on organizations and companies around the world supporting the right investments​[1]​​​. Outlining how instrumental nutrition should be in overall health education and provision, Dr

OptiBiotix Health launches SlimBiome weight management ingredient in Mexico

The UK-headquartered life sciences business explores the human microbiome and leverages the scientific understanding of its capabilities to support and oversee chronic disease management. Using unique microbiome modulation science, as well as a patented formulation of natural ingredients identified and developed by leading specialists in metabolism and nutrition, SlimBiome will now be available in Mexico. Alongside its entry into Mexico, OptiBiotix Health will extend the availability of its Sl
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