Vertical Farming Grows Up in Europe

While vertical farming (VF) enjoys opportunities and rapid growth—bringing the sector significant investment, hype, and hope as a potential provider of global food security—widespread concerns remain about energy costs, taste, nutrition, and VF’s adaptability to a broad range of crops. Will the VF sector expand to fill a niche or burgeon to successfully feed the world? Vertical farming—a rapidly growing sector of indoor agriculture—primarily produces hydroponically grown greens and herbs near a

LiquiGlide offers zero-waste packaging innovation

21 Sep 2021 --- US packaging technology company, LiquiGlide, has launched its waste-reduction offering as it moves into the beauty and personal care (BPC) space. The company, which has created a proprietary liquid coating technology applied to the inside of packaging, announced in June that it was teaming up with US multinational consumer goods giant Colgate-Palmolive. “Our mission is to revolutionize products and packaging by eliminating the friction between liquids and solids,” Damien Dossin,

Legislation and innovation shaping sustainability

14 Sep 2021 --- In the battle to reduce the environmental damage of high levels of consumption, there is increased focus on the big differences companies, producers and governments can make. Although individual actions and responsibilities remain important, the focus is less on the individual and more on how entire industries and societies can better manage resources. Detailing the history of the US beauty industry’s environmental progress, a spokesperson for the Personal Care Products Council

PureCircle and Synergy collaborate to update Skinny Drinks with Starleaf Reb M extract

The newly-formulated range will be released as part of The Skinny Drinks Group’s tonic collection. The collaboration has seen the replacement the traditionally-used Reb A stevia extract, which can create flavour limitations, with the Starleaf Reb M stevia extract. By formulating with the new ingredient, the three companies aim to offer the most sugar-like taste available on the market. All the tonic, without the sugar ​ “Consumer demand for reduced and zero-sugar beverages has been on the rise

Reformulate: Fooditive's upcycled plant-based sweetener

We speak to the brand’s founder and chief executive officer Moayad Abushokhedim about its plant-based sugar substitute solution and its wider plans to tackle global sugar intake. Sugar substitutes are not often synonymous with being healthy and natural, but that's the focus of Dutch plant-based ingredient and sweetener innovator Fooditive. Launching in 2018 with its plant-based and chemical-free sweetener, Fooditive centres its efforts on improving the health status of products that use sugar r

Emerging Science: fresh produce and light manipulation

Food Manufacture speaks to Jen Bromley, PhD and head of plant research and development at London-based vertical farming innovator Vertical Future, to find out more. Food liking is a key driver that repeatedly brings consumers back to the same food choices. When it comes to product development, taste is paramount. In 2020, 88% of consumers confirmed that taste is the primary reason for buying a food item, the International Food Information Council Foundation’s survey found.​ Taste ranked above

SEEN Again recycling scheme for brands and influencers

19 Aug 2021 --- The beauty agency SEEN group has released its new recycling scheme, SEEN Again, for other businesses including media professionals and influencers. SEEN’s initiative is designed to give these businesses the ability to easily and responsibly recycle their beauty packaging, which includes skin care, cosmetics and fragrance products. Click to EnlargeSource: SEEN Group.Through the scheme, every time SEEN Group sends samples or gifted products to media professionals and influencers t

Tree Communities Harness the Power of Interdependence

Trees are known to compete for sunlight and soil resources, but forest researchers have discovered a deeper reality beneath the ground. Trees actually relate to one another in communities and even share essential nutrients through their roots. Dr. Camille Defrenne, an ecologist specializing in plant-fungal symbioses at the Climate Change Science Institute and Environmental Sciences Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, is one such researcher who has studied the inner workings

Coming Soon: Fresh Seafood in Any Neighborhood, Anywhere in the World

Imagine a world where every neighborhood had tanks filled with recirculating seawater big enough to grow plenty of fresh, sustainable seafood for every meal of the day. Sound too good to be true? Read on. From its humble beginnings as a two-person research team in a tiny Florida lab, an independent nonprofit known as Mote has become a leading marine research facility with more than twenty research projects under its umbrella. As the Sarasota-based Mote Aquaculture Research Park celebrates its