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Perricone’s new serum, infant skincare, Givaudan’s stretch mark ingredient | in-cosmetics Connect

Sustainability efforts broaden in beauty and personal care with a new eco-ethical haircare acquisition and innovative biodegradable fragrance technology revealed. Hero ingredients are also prominent, with brands celebrating novel complexes and specific skincare formulations that tackle skin types and concerns. In our bi-weekly cosmetics round-up, we delve into what’s been happening in the world of beauty and personal care. Skincare and wellness brand Perricone unveils its latest product launch

Skincare advice centralizes in database, luxury brands entering beauty increase and new global eco programs launch | in-cosmetics Connect

New product launches, surveys and investments seek to advance consumers’ ability to search for skin condition insights and advice, separate recycling from ‘wishcycling’ and access a plethora of luxurious and eco-conscious products. In our bi-weekly cosmetics round-up, we delve into the latest developments in the beauty and personal care industry. The 150-year-old moisturizer brand has designed and launched a tool that strives to improve skin healthcare outcomes for people of color. Vaseline’s o

Can Healthy Soil Mitigate Natural Disasters?

The solution to some of the world’s most prevalent and catastrophic problems, such as natural disasters, may be closer than we think. In fact, it may be right beneath our feet. Healthy soil benefits every aspect of life, either directly or indirectly. One of the most instrumental—and perhaps surprising—ways soil impacts life for both people and the planet is by helping to mitigate natural disasters. Often, well-intentioned government policies react to natural disasters with initiatives to impr

Skincare launches see pioneering formats, probiotics and plant-based entrants emerge | in-cosmetics Connect

The beauty and personal care industry is full of exciting, engaging and innovative formulations and developments. In our bi-weekly cosmetics round-up, we explore the latest insights taking shape and impacting the industry. Asia skincare research company, Yaguang Borui Medicine Technology, has teamed up with UK technology developer, EMG, to create household radiofrequency (RF) beauty instruments. The tools precisely target signs of ageing, aid skin rejuvenation and help tackle acne. The skincar

Skin Care Science for the Knowledgeable Consumer

Whether it is the effects of aging, specific conditions or just a desire to project a healthy image, skin care companies are constantly seeking answers to consumer demands for effective, science-backed products. In laboratories around the world, research continues at a pace to find solutions to both long-standing and new complaints that work for the entire range of skin types. Creating proprietary formulas which are shown to work can speed up the quest for success in a highly competitive sector.

Lycored study identifies new skin protection benefits

3 Mar 2022 --- Lycored recently released the results of its latest study into its standardized tomato extract, Lycomato, detailing how the product can help to protect the skin from oxidative stress. The company states that previous studies have shown that dietary carotenoids and polyphenols support our antioxidant defense system by reducing the inflammatory response. The company wanted to add to that body of research with its latest study. “The health and appearance of our skin depend on its in

Fighting hair thinning with the science of the natural

3 Mar 2022 --- Ultimately, today’s hair care shoppers want products that work; something that does exactly what it says it will. For the US handmade and custom formulation brand More Hair Naturally, the importance of supporting people and providing information to empower them to make informed purchasing decisions is vital. Click to EnlargeMahryah Shain believes going natural helps combat side effects. Source: More Hair Naturally“We really care about people's health and we feel it's our responsi

Indie beauty conversation with Nourishing Biologicals

3 Mar 2022 --- Nourishing Biologicals, the formula-focused brand that concentrates on clean ingredients, has launched its inaugural male skin care range. We spoke to Founder and Chief Medical Director Dr George Sadowski about the brand, its entry into the male market and its plans for 2022 and beyond. What inspired you to create your first men's skin care line? Nourishing Biologicals was born from a passion to create clean, clinically proven and sustainable products that treat the cause, not j

Indie beauty conversation with Beso Wellness

1 Mar 2022 --- CBD body and hair care brand, Beso Wellness, is expanding its latest line of products to the therapy and spa sectors. We caught up with Megan Blackwell, Celebrity Massage Therapist and Founder of Beso Wellness, to discover more about its growing beauty and personal care business. What inspired you to create your CBD-powered Weed & Wine massage whip and range of body and hair products? I believe intention is the first step for inspiration. The urge to feel, to exercise passion an

Desert Harvest wins National Eczema Association approval

1 Mar 2022 --- Desert Harvest has gained National Eczema Association (NEA) approval for its Aloe Glide skin care vaginal moisturizer and sexual lubricant. Commenting on what it means to receive NEA Seal of Acceptance, the natural skin care brand’s CEO Heather Florio, shares: “For Desert Harvest it is recognition and validation for us of our commitment to making products that are safe and effective.” Click to EnlargeSource: Desert HarvestAloe Glide is the second product in Desert Harvest’s range

Crown joins SeeHer’s female portrayal mission

24 Feb 2022 --- Global skin care company Crown Laboratories has teamed up with SeeHer, a collective of marketers, media organizations and industry influencers that are dedicated to showing accurate portrayals of women in advertising and supporting content. “It was an instant ‘yes’ for us to join in their mission!” says Nicole Watson, Director of Marketing, Therapeutic Skincare at Crown Laboratories. “Crown’s philosophy of ‘Skin Science for Life’ is a natural fit with this mission, as we design

Beiersdorf invests in startup app Dermanostic

24 Feb 2022 --- As part of Beiersdorf’s Eucerin digitalization strategy, the skin care specialists searched for relevant partners in the field of telemedicine and medical aftercare. As a result, Beiersdorf has entered into its partnership with the German startup dermatological brand Dermanostic, an app-based 24-hour service that offers diagnosis, therapy and prescriptions by dermatologists. Users contact a dermatologist team member via their smartphone. Once connected, the user uploads three ph

Trio team up for foundation match to sample delivery

22 Feb 2022 --- One of the world’s best-known cosmetics brands, MAC, has joined forces with the leading virtual try-on firm Perfect Corp and online samples company SoPost to create a new, circular process for product sampling. Together, the brands will integrate try-on technology and personalized shade matching with physical product sampling as it strives to offer a full product discovery experience. The trio has collaborated to bring the digital-meets-physical personalized product sampling exp

Indie beauty conversation with Go Gray

22 Feb 2022 --- California-based hair care and color company Go Gray is a new name making its way on to the US hair care scene. Its offering is designed for people who are journeying through the phases of going gray. We spoke to Maritza Cabezas, Senior Brand Manager of Marketing at Go Gray’s parent company Developlus, to find out all about the brand. Can you tell me about your inspiration behind the idea for Go Gray? Click to EnlargeSource: Go GrayThroughout the pandemic we have seen a mass sh

Cal-Earth Makes Disaster-Resistant Superadobe Construction a Reality

Building safe and sustainable housing is a challenge, especially in disaster-prone regions, and ensuring that it is affordable and accessible can seem impossible. At last, as The Earth & I learned from its interview with Dastan Khalili, carefully designed and patented Superadobe home construction is available, providing a simple and easy way for people everywhere to create attractive, resilient dwellings. Adobe homes have been around for at least 8,000 years, but natural disasters have shown ho

FDA white paper on asbestos in talc-containing cosmetics

8 Feb 2022 --- In October 2018, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) formed the Interagency Working Group on Asbestos in Consumer Products (IWGACP). The group was established as a result of concerns regarding the presence of asbestos in talc-containing cosmetic products and following several recalls of powder formulation cosmetic products by retailers in the US and globally. These include Health Canada, the Dutch Food Safety Authority and Taiwan’s FDA, who have also detected asbestos in th

Turing Labs grows AI platform for product formulation

8 Feb 2022 --- Virtual product development platform Turing Labs has unveiled its artificial intelligence-led platform that enables beauty and personal care brands to automate the formulation process and predict outcomes. Manmit Shrimali, Co-founder and CEO of Turing Labs, speaks to BPC Insights about the platform - proclaimed by the firm as the fastest way to develop innovative formulation - and its impact on product formulations. “Founders with decades of experience saw first-hand how long it

Edible beauty and collagen boosters on the rise in 2022

10 Feb 2022 --- Attaining optimum health and mobility by preserving aging skin and joints with edible body care has resonated with beauty and personal care (BPC) consumers for centuries. Today, as global consumers recognize the importance of proactively striving to take care of their long-term health, consumers of all ages are turning to technologies and innovation. Click to EnlargeFrom ingestible beauty products like capsules, gummies, juice shots and herbal powders, BPC consumers are welcomin
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