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Five trends influencing the delivery device market

12 Oct 2021 --- Sampling technology, shifting mindsets amid COVID-19 and the natural progression of leading beauty and personal care trends are all shaping consumer expectations of delivery devices. As skin and hair care brand Réduit launches its new Boost universal applicator, we explore five core trends in the innovative beauty solutions sphere with the company's CEO Paul Peros. Click to EnlargePaul Peros shares his views on the dominant trends in beauty. Source: Réduit.Réduit believes that i

Forgo on track to wash its hands of carbon

12 Oct 2021 --- Swedish personal care brand Forgo is working towards becoming carbon neutral by following some of the guidelines set by the Oxford Carbon Offsetting Principles. In September 2020, the University of Oxford revealed its guidance on the acceptable types of offsets and the specific conditions under which they should be used. The move came after global companies, including BP and Google, along with country-led pledges such as China’s 2060 ‘carbon neutrality’ commitment turned to carbo

Indie beauty conversation with Nakie Coquette Beauty

12 Oct 2021 --- As the indie innovator Nakie Coquette Beauty strives to combine sexiness and sustainability in its clean and CBD-infused brand, we caught up with Co-Founders Niki Schwan and Jessica Penzari to find out how the duo are in pursuit of ‘sexy sustainability’. What was the inspiration behind launching Nakie Coquette Beauty? Our name, Nakie Coquette is a double entendre for our brand, which utilizes clean (naked) ingredients and cheeky (coquettish) branding. We are unleashing a new an

Sericoside activates anti-aging cellular memory

7 Oct 2021 --- According to a consumer study carried out by the flavor and fragrance company Givaudan, when it comes to anti-aging products consumers want to them to reduce lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. In the brand's survey, 75% of women consider these signs of aging are the greatest cause of looking older. To respond to this concern, Givaudan Active Beauty has introduced its latest offering in the form of its natural botanical ingredient, Sericoside, which is designed to rejuvenate and reg

P&G announces two decades of climate change action

7 Oct 2021 --- Multinational consumer goods company Procter & Gamble (P&G) has unveiled its new Climate Transition Action Plan which outlines a comprehensive approach to what it sees as the key challenges ahead. The company has also joined the United Nation’s Race to Zero and the Business Ambition for 1.5°C campaigns. The newly-announced climate plan follows P&G’s environmental sustainability goals which it set out in 2020 as part of its Global Citizenship Report. As part of the roadmap, P&G ha

#DecodeTheBias fighting algorithmic beauty biases

5 Oct 2021 --- Of the search results given for ‘beautiful skin’, ‘face’ and ‘woman’, 80% do not include women of color. US skin care brand Olay wants to change this, so Olay launched its #DecodetheBias campaign in September to advocate for change. The campaign was largely inspired by the work of Joy Buolamwini, founder of the Algorithmic Justice League (AJL), which was highlighted in the Netflix film Coded Bias. Click to EnlargeThe campaign is inspired by the work of Joy Buolamwini. Source: #De

Indie beauty conversation with Innomost

5 Oct 2021 --- Finnish natural beauty ingredients brand Innomost uses Nordic birchwood to develop and produce active ingredients. We spoke to the brand’s CEO and Founder Sami Selkälä to find out more about the company’s innovative use of Finnish wood. Can you tell me about your inspiration behind launching Innomost? I have long-standing professional experience within organic chemistry and as a chemist. I’m curious about life and how everything is built. This is why I also started to look deepe

Beautycounter and Klarna launch livestreaming series

5 Oct 2021 --- US clean skin care and cosmetics brand Beautycounter is launching its latest marketing initiative - a four-part livestreaming series called Better Beauty - with Swedish online financial services company, Klarna. Sharing what spurred the collaboration, which began in August 2020, David Sandström, Chief Marketing Officer at Klarna, reveals the duo teamed up “to offer beauty shoppers a more convenient and flexible way to pay online”. The duo spotted an opportunity to reach consumers

Honesty and trust needed to wash away the greenwash

30 Sep 2021 --- Provenance technology helps brands communicate messages about social and environmental impact with shoppers, online and in-store, by connecting claims to supply chain data and third-party evidence. In doing so, the software solutions brand enables beauty and personal care (BPC) shoppers to drive progress through what they buy, while generating rewards for those brands making a positive impact on people and the planet. Click to EnlargeJessi Baker is on a mission to sustainability

Barry M and Coty: The latest to tune into virtual try-on

30 Sep 2021 --- Virtual try-on tie-ups continue to grow for Perfect Corp. Among the latest companies to step into this arena is leading beauty name, Barry M. Together with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) beauty tech provider, Perfect Corp, they will create the color cosmetic brand’s first-ever virtual try-on online shopping experience. The virtual try-on experience is powered by Perfect Corp’s YouCam for Web technology, an innovative digital beauty solution that gives br

Givaudan adopts ‘glocal’ approach to beauty expansion

28 Sep 2021 --- Glocal - a combination of the words global and local - may on the surface look like an oxymoron, showcasing two opposite strategic approaches taken by beauty and personal care companies seeking to expand into new geographical markets. However, glocal refers to adopting a global, but locally-minded strategy, which is the case for active beauty ingredient company Givaudan as it focuses on international growth. “In simple terms, ‘glocal’ means global knowledge and local context,” s

SoPost launches in France with Parisian sampling office

28 Sep 2021 --- After launching onto the UK beauty sampling scene in 2014, the sampling technology company SoPost set its sights on the US market by opening its New York office two years later. Now, 2021 marks SoPost’s entry into the French luxury cosmetics marketplace as it unveils its latest branch in Paris. The brand featured in a BPC Insights earlier this year. CEO Jonny Grubin explained how SoPost took the high-volume, untargeted process of distributing samples and added data, technology a

Eastman brings recyclability to luxury resin production

28 Sep 2021 --- Launching its recent Cristal One range, Eastman aims to enable brands to create packaging that is recyclable through traditional municipal streams. In addition, the specialty materials company hopes to provide an option that allows beauty names to meet the high-end aesthetics that luxury packaging requires. “Eastman is well-known for delivering crystal-clear resins that meet the aesthetic and performance needs of the cosmetics industry,” says Tara R. Cary, the company’s segment

Indie beauty conversation with Réduit

21 Sep 2021 --- Launching into the delivery device sector in January 2020, Réduit hopes to remove issues with skin and hair care application and ingredient wastage. We spoke with Paul Peros, CEO of Réduit, to learn about its innovative delivery system, how it meets today’s consumer demands and how it is positioned to appeal to a post-pandemic beauty and personal care (BPC) industry. What was your inspiration behind launching Réduit? We were founded in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Réduit is a brand

Foreo heads East to share in China’s live commerce boom

21 Sep 2021 --- The Swedish beauty technology brand Foreo teamed up with China Duty Free Group (CDFG) in the summer to host a livestreaming event in Hong Kong. The hour-long session, which was held on the WeChat Mini Program, was designed for audiences in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. It was Foreo’s first entry into the booming live commerce market in China. “The pandemic has caused the purchasing pattern of consumers to change drastically,” shares Gary Leong, Director of Global Travel R

LiquiGlide offers zero-waste packaging innovation

21 Sep 2021 --- US packaging technology company, LiquiGlide, has launched its waste-reduction offering as it moves into the beauty and personal care (BPC) space. The company, which has created a proprietary liquid coating technology applied to the inside of packaging, announced in June that it was teaming up with US multinational consumer goods giant Colgate-Palmolive. “Our mission is to revolutionize products and packaging by eliminating the friction between liquids and solids,” Damien Dossin,

Investment helps Openface personalize skin care

23 Sep 2021 --- Last month, Lithuanian-based personalized cosmetics brand Openface announced it had raised US$380,000 in investment with the support of closed venture capital club Digital Disrupt. Openface was originally built as an IT company, and co-founder and CFO Natalia Martynova explains that the beauty technology brand’s main value is its “data and algorithm, as well as the fact that we can quickly receive feedback from the consumer and make changes to the product depending on that feedba

Indie beauty conversation with Kankan

23 Sep 2021 --- Refill-focused beauty brand Kankan strives to make refillable beauty and personal care convenient and in doing so increase its appeal while decreasing the use of single plastics. Creating its Near Perfect range and unveiling its Near Perfect Starter Set comprising a refill can and 330ml bottle of body wash, hand wash or baby wash, Kankan seeks to offer bottles that have slight and varied imperfections on their print to avoid wasting good products because of minor aesthetic imperf

Indie beauty conversation with Lofty Box

16 Sep 2021 --- Subscription-based Lofty Box teams up with ethical beauty and wellbeing brands to take their surplus stock and offer it to those who want it. We spoke to Claudia Meller, co-founder of Lofty Box, about the concept of giving a home to surplus stock that would typically go to waste or landfill. What was the inspiration behind launching Lofty Box? Click to EnlargeClaudia Meller and Lofty are on a mission to eridicate waste. Source: Lofty Box.Only last year, in 2020, my business par

West Lane invests in Simply Organic Beauty

16 Sep 2021 --- Private investment group West Lane Capital Partners recognized and valued Simply Organic Beauty’s focus on high quality products that sat in the clean beauty market, prompting the decision to invest in the brand. As Nick Sternberg, West Lane’s Managing Partner, says: “We were drawn to Simply Organic due to its strong reputation as a trusted resource for curating the cleanest and highest quality hair care products in the US.” The organic beauty brand’s prioritization of innovatio
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