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Food and Drink Technology- RESULTS MAY DAIRY: using emulsifiers and stabilisers to meet dairy alternative demands - March 2020

To compete, and appeal to consumer demands, manufacturers are increasingly faced with formulation and production challenges relating to the use of emulsifiers and stabilisers in dairy alternatives. Natasha Spencer-Jolliffe explores the hurdles manufacturers operating in the dairy alternatives sphere face and how suppliers can tackle such formulation and production obstacles around soy, rice and almond drinks

Naturex unveils fermented mineral to boost plant-based, on-the-go nutrition

Speaking to NutraIngredients-LATAM, Amandine De Santi, Customer Marketing Manager, EMEA, Naturex, talks us through industry demands for nutritious plant-based, takeaway choices. Naturex, which is now part of Givaudan, after the Swiss flavor manufacturer completed the acquisition of Naturex in September 2018, is turning its attention to plant-based nutrition that provides consumers with healthy eating options, on-the-go. In 2018 and 2017, food and beverage launches tracked with an on-the-go lab

Sustainability, storytelling, sport and sugar-free lead trends in 2020

When it comes to the key ingredients that LATAM consumers are demanding, consumers look for “natural ingredients that connect with their needs and concerns”, ​Julian Mellentin, food and beverage consultant at New Nutrition Business, highlighted. Ingredients that relate to key trends, including protein, good carbohydrates or low-carbohydrate alternatives, natural sugars and plant-based ingredients are attractive and prominent choices for food and beverage producers. Sharing insights on current...

Wiley Companies launches omega-3 concentrates powder

Manufacturing its AlaskOmega products, Wiley Companies (previously Organic Technologies) sits in the natural fish oils and omega-3 fish oil concentrates space. The launch marks the company’s first foray into the powder formulation market. Its MSC-certified omega-3 concentrate powder has been designed for use in dietary supplements, food and beverages. Expanding its AlaskOmega range, Wiley Companies unveils its Omega-3 Powder 3221, which provides a minimum of 200mg eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)...

‘Is your krill backed by science and substantiated?’, consumers ask Aker BioMarine

Aker BioMarine’s chain stretches from sustainable krill harvesting in Antarctic waters through its Montevideo logistics hub, Houston production plant, and all the way to customers. The company, which was established as an independent enterprise in 2006, focuses on the prevention of lifestyle diseases, better resource utilization, industry responsibility, Antarctic ecosystem research and science to help improve human and planetary health.

Digestion leads nutritional health benefits in Brazil and Mexico probiotics

Consumers in Brazil and Mexico are increasingly reviewing products in the probiotic sector, latest data from insights provider on food and nutrition markets, Lumina Intelligence, revealed. Products in Brazil and Mexico with a health claim either on-pack and/or on their website achieved a total of 1,773 reviews as of January 2020 and saw a 68% increase in reviews since December 2017. While those with no health claim only increased by 24%, Lumina Intelligence’s data stated.

Unlimitech unveils new sports performance and nutrition device

Daniel Morales Valdivia, Unlimitech's Peruvian founder, talks us through how its revolutionary sports performance and metabolic analysis technology plans to help improve sports nutrition and support nutritionists around the world. 1. Can you tell me a little about yourself and Unlimitech? ​ I am a business engineer, which is a mix of IT engineering and industrial engineering. I studied in Peru before working in the mining industry for five years. While working there, I set up the asset...

Nanovetores explore ‘making the future” with encapsulated probiotics and flavors

1. Can you tell me a little about yourself and Nanovetores?​ I’m Dr. Betina, Vice-President and CTO of Nanovetores Group. My trajectory was always focused on research and it started in the scientific and technological area when I graduated in Pharmacy in Florianópolis, at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). After specializing in biosafety. I obtained a master’s degree in pharmacy and a doctorate in chemistry at the same institution. Nanovetores is a Brazilian innovative company...

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences, APC Microbiome collaborate on infant research project

The scientific and microbiome-focused duo announced their large-scale infant health research project that will explore the role of the microbiome in human health. The four-year, $7 million (€6.3 mn) research project will use their findings that aims to produce a healthy microbiome in early life that will support individuals’ long-term health. The project, called Missing Microbes in Infants born by C-section (MiMIC), will explore the potential to improve infant health through understanding more...

GC Rieber Oils, Barrington Nutritionals partner to distribute omega-3 to Mexico

Barrington Nutritionals said they are connecting with high-quality ingredient producers, innovators and health and wellness product manufacturers to expand VivoMega's position in the functional food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sectors. VivoMega oils, which focuses on high-purity and high concentrations, will be used in fish oil applications and finished products. Christopher Hachey, US Business Development Manager at GC Rieber, told us Barrington Nutritionals will help support the...

Tate & Lyle expand functional ingredient range

Tate & Lyle said their goal is to support manufacturers in creating formulations with similar functionality to a modified food starch. With the global pandemic in mind, the company said by adding Claria Everlast to its existing collection of Claria functional starches, they hope to provide shelf stability and product longevity by helping to preserve food quality, particularly in extreme storage conditions. The company also hopes to help solve manufacturers’ formulation challenges associated...

EU 'farm to fork' strategy aims to feed sustainable food system

Sustainable production, processing and consumption are integral elements of the EU 'farm to fork' strategy. With the strategy’s current feedback period now closed, industry interest as to how strategic plans, specific targets and anticipated developments are set to advance are high. The background of the strategy Since taking office in December 2019, President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has published political guidelines that emphasise the importance of ensuring the Euro...

Fish oil supplement linked to better heart health: Study

The research Associations of habitual fish oil supplementation with cardiovascular outcomes and all-cause mortality: evidence from a large population-based cohort study,​ explored whether regular use of fish oil supplements would lower the risk of developing cardiovascular issues such as heart attacks and strokes. Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are known to be beneficial in protecting people from cardiovascular disease by providing benefits to blood pressure, lowering inflammation and...

Innophos launches botanical extract in sports nutrition space

Extracts from the Indian tree Terminalia arjuna​ have been used in India for centuries to support cardiovascular health, but the ingredient hasn’t been thoroughly studied in the United States. The launch marks Innophos’ latest addition to its targeted active nutrition and sports performance essential ingredients range. Based in the US, with a presence in Mexico, Innophos’ Oxyjun Terminalia arjuna aqueous ingredient is hailed as a clinically studied botanical extract that has been demonstrated...

OptiBiotix and Granja Pocha develop functional probiotic yogurt for Uruguay market

Life sciences company OptiBiotix teamed up with Granja Pocha to produce a dairy product range with probiotic strain LPLDL. We spoke to Steve Prescott, CEO of OptiBiotix-subsidiary, ProBiotix Health, to find out more about the partnership and market potential in Uruguay. Revealing why the brand chose to create and launch the functional yogurt in the Uruguayan market specifically, Probiotix Health highlights that it is “critical”​ when launching a new functional food, that the “product tastes as...

Cancer risk from increasing LCn3, ALA, omega-6 and PUFA appear small: Study

Hanson et al (2020)’s research study, entitled 'Omega-3, omega-6 and total dietary polyunsaturated fat on cancer incidence: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised trials,' ​was commissioned by the WHO Nutrition Guidance Expert Advisory Group (NUGAG) Subgroup on Diet and Health and has been published in the British Journal of Cancer​. Amid the prevalence of cancer as a global cause of morbidity and mortality, the researchers sought to explore the relationship between long-chain...

Who Are The Hidden Competitors You Can’t Afford To Neglect?

As business owners, we know about the competition. But what about hidden competitors? Being (and staying) unique is not easy. After all, it’s possible that whatever you’re doing, there are other businesses doing exactly the same thing. This is open and obvious competition, and most businesses know how to cope with it well. But what if that wasn’t the only competition we had to face? What if there were other hidden competitors out there who we’re not even aware of? Maybe, because they come from outside our market or industry that they were never even on our radar? This is called hidden competition, and it’s something businesses don’t think about enough – particularly when it comes to products and technology.

Duas Rodas launches plant-based aromas and technology

As consumers increasingly seek positive, engaging and complete sensorial experiences from their plant-based food experiences, Duas Rodas revealed its latest creation, which combines aroma and technological innovations. The Brazilian producer is aiming to optimize the flavor, texture and juiciness of its meat to vegetable proteins. In the Brazilian flavors market, 44% of the country’s consumers state that the presence of meat flavor is an important decision-making factor when considering a plan...

Forging a strategy to tackle double malnutrition burden

We spoke with Stineke Oenema, Global Coordinator of the UN System Standing Committee on Nutrition about what the current double burden of malnutrition in low and middle-income countries looks like and what needs to be done to tackle its presence. In Lancet’s research series exploring the ​, the authors emphasize that it is no longer possible to identify countries as low-income and undernourished, or alternatively, high-income and therefore only experiencing obesity.
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