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The Body Shop expansion, J-Beauty launch, Korean packaging plant | in-cosmetics Connect

Heritage and indie brands unveil skincare developments and launches, with J&J continuing its introduction of Vivvi & Bloom and a new vitamin c-led product emerging. Delivery is a big focus too. The Body Shop rolls out its growing presence on Uber Eats, a new Japanese beauty platform emerges bringing more products to US consumers and Toly introduces its new Korean beauty packaging facility. In our bi-weekly cosmetics and personal care round-up, we look at the latest global industry news, trends

Amorepacific develops e-skin, multi-million dollar packaging investment, personalised haircare | in-cosmetics Connect

New skincare findings from Korea see Amorepacific use semiconductors to create chip-less and wireless electronic skin. Korean brand AXIS-Y has teamed up with its skincare community to land on its latest line. Glass vial cosmetics packaging capabilities get an upgrade in the US, with a multi-million dollar production investment. New wellness and personalised haircare launches appeal to consumers’ ever-present focus on their health and wellbeing. In our bi-weekly cosmetics and personal care round

Microplastics Now Found in Human Blood

Risks for Inflammation in Human Organs Still Unknown In a scientific first, researchers have found microplastics in human blood. A recent study reveals that tiny plastic particles can travel within the body via the circulatory system. The study by researchers from the Department of Environment and Health at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Amsterdam University Medical Center detected tiny pieces of plastic in 77% of participants tested. This is "the first real-world evidence that plastic part

Technological advancements, novel marketing technique, CBD partnership | in-cosmetics Connect

Developments in virtual try-on progress the men’s grooming category, while microencapsulation technology evolves the lip care segment. A new toothpaste launch seeks to appeal to multiple consumer demographics, the latest salve launch aims to reduce the appearance of scars and the CBD personal care portfolio receives attention following an industry collaboration. In our bi-weekly cosmetics and personal care round-up, we explore the recent news, trends and launches shaping the industry around the

Scalp care in Asia, plant-based feedstock alternative development and makeup NFT. | in-cosmetics Connect

A new digital natural formulation-focused tool, a digital asset-led campaign and a new multi-million project looks for plant-based feedstock alternatives to progress innovations in beauty and personal care. Scalp care and personal care repellent launches focus on protecting consumers’ skin. In our bi-weekly cosmetics round-up, we delve into the beauty and personal care space to explore the latest news, updates, launches and developments around the globe. Personal care company, Clariant, concep

A 'continued evolution': The rise of 3D beauty making over cosmetics

As the global cosmetics products industry is anticipated to reach €766.6 billion ($805.61bn) by 2023, according to Orbis Research, beauty and personal care brands are entering a new era of online cosmetics to introduce digital applications and build consumer engagement. Brands across the globe are dipping their toes into the latest advances in digital cosmetics and moving from digitalisation to virtualisation. From the metaverse and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to Web 3, brands are delving into o

ECHO: Fighting Hunger with Faith and Sustainable Agriculture

For forty years, ECHO has fought global hunger and malnutrition by teaching small-scale, sustainable farming to those in need. Its strength lies in building partnerships in low-income communities to provide people with agricultural skills and resources. ECHO’s core values for its Hope Against Hunger mission are rooted in its Christian faith. By aligning its behaviors, motivations, and attitudes with its religious foundation, ECHO has been able to help people around the world by sharing the orga

Personal care in Korea, hair loss findings, DSM-Firmenich beauty merger. | in-cosmetics Connect

New beauty partnerships see global beauty, perfumery, personalization and skin diagnostics take centre stage. A multi-million investment in period and intimate care sees one brand work towards realizing its global vision. New findings in hair loss and skincare ingredients strive to progress the options available to meet consumers’ needs and concerns. In our bi-weekly cosmetics round-up, we explore the need-to-know cosmetics industry news, beauty trends and personal care launches worldwide. T

New skincare discoveries in Asia, menopause personal care, sustainability | in-cosmetics Connect

Asia beauty brands identify new skincare discoveries that further understand the skin microbiome and dermatitis. A new big partnership and an indie beauty rebrand further support the push for clarification of sustainability in Beauty and personal care. Products that cater to menopause take centre stage in personal care formulations through a new industry partnership. In our bi-weekly cosmetics round-up, we take a snapshot look at the latest beauty trends from the global Beauty and personal ca

Perricone’s new serum, infant skincare, Givaudan’s stretch mark ingredient | in-cosmetics Connect

Sustainability efforts broaden in beauty and personal care with a new eco-ethical haircare acquisition and innovative biodegradable fragrance technology revealed. Hero ingredients are also prominent, with brands celebrating novel complexes and specific skincare formulations that tackle skin types and concerns. In our bi-weekly cosmetics round-up, we delve into what’s been happening in the world of beauty and personal care. Skincare and wellness brand Perricone unveils its latest product launch

Skincare advice centralizes in database, luxury brands entering beauty increase and new global eco programs launch | in-cosmetics Connect

New product launches, surveys and investments seek to advance consumers’ ability to search for skin condition insights and advice, separate recycling from ‘wishcycling’ and access a plethora of luxurious and eco-conscious products. In our bi-weekly cosmetics round-up, we delve into the latest developments in the beauty and personal care industry. The 150-year-old moisturizer brand has designed and launched a tool that strives to improve skin healthcare outcomes for people of color. Vaseline’s o

Can Healthy Soil Mitigate Natural Disasters?

The solution to some of the world’s most prevalent and catastrophic problems, such as natural disasters, may be closer than we think. In fact, it may be right beneath our feet. Healthy soil benefits every aspect of life, either directly or indirectly. One of the most instrumental—and perhaps surprising—ways soil impacts life for both people and the planet is by helping to mitigate natural disasters. Often, well-intentioned government policies react to natural disasters with initiatives to impr

Skincare launches see pioneering formats, probiotics and plant-based entrants emerge | in-cosmetics Connect

The beauty and personal care industry is full of exciting, engaging and innovative formulations and developments. In our bi-weekly cosmetics round-up, we explore the latest insights taking shape and impacting the industry. Asia skincare research company, Yaguang Borui Medicine Technology, has teamed up with UK technology developer, EMG, to create household radiofrequency (RF) beauty instruments. The tools precisely target signs of ageing, aid skin rejuvenation and help tackle acne. The skincar

Skin Care Science for the Knowledgeable Consumer

Whether it is the effects of aging, specific conditions or just a desire to project a healthy image, skin care companies are constantly seeking answers to consumer demands for effective, science-backed products. In laboratories around the world, research continues at a pace to find solutions to both long-standing and new complaints that work for the entire range of skin types. Creating proprietary formulas which are shown to work can speed up the quest for success in a highly competitive sector.
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