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IFF launches Science of Wellness program

16 Jun 2021 --- International Flavors & Fragrances’ (IFF) new Science of Wellness program aims to bring together 40 years of human conscious and unconscious measures, advanced neurosciences, proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and unique ingredients to deliver augmented perfumery for holistic wellness that is supported by science. BPC Insights speaks to Celine Manetta, Consumer Science Global Innovation Senior Manager at IFF to find out more. The newly-released Science of Wellness program

Indie Beauty Conversation with Ipsum Skin

16 Jun 2021 --- After celebrating its 2nd birthday, we caught up with Janet Hayward, Founder of Ipsum Skin to talk about all things luxury, organic skin care—and just where her inspiration for the brand’s range and future direction comes from. Can you tell me about your inspiration behind Ipsum Skin? When did you launch? I quietly launched Ipsum in Australia in January 2019, and then launched to the world at the Indie Beauty Expo in Berlin in March 2019. The biggest inspiration to create Ipsu

One brand’s story of getting creative in fragrance formulation

16 Jun 2021 --- With today’s flourishing fragrance market, brands are tapping into their inspiration, ingenuity and innovation capabilities to produce fragrances that are truly creative and stand out on the shelf. BPC Insights spoke to Linda Pilkington, founder and CEO of Ormonde Jayne about the importance of creativity in fragrance conceptualization and formulation. New product development (NPD) in the fragrances category has recorded positive growth in 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, wit

What are the leading facial care trends?

10 Jun 2021 --- As facial skin care prepares for a plethora of opportunities for new product development (NPD), we explore the key areas that are set to influence innovative launches and reflect consumer demands. New product development (NPD) in skin care was a stable trend from 2016 to 2020, Innova data from Skin Care Trends Analysis, published in March 2021, shows. With a market share of 47%, Europe was the biggest region for NPD in skin care in the second half (H2) of 2020. However, with th

What does the BPC industry need to do about plastic packaging?

09 Jun 2021 --- As an ever-growing number of consumers seek out environmentally-friendly products and eco-conscious brands, plastic packaging in the beauty and personal care (BPC) industry is a vital priority the sector needs to tackle. We spoke to Ray Hopkinson, Creative Partner at environmental organization, Hubbub, to get the lowdown on perceptions of the plastic packaging problem and consumer calls to solve it in the BPC space. As consumers increasingly demand for actions and solutions that

What are the leading body care trends?

09 Jun 2021 --- With body care leveraging the success of hand sanitizers to show the ability and sophistication of the sector, evolving sanitizers, body wellness and facial ‘skinspiration’ are dominating the body care sphere. According to Innova Market Insights data, the body care category shows a slight negative growth in 2020 versus 2016. However, it still demonstrates a stable growth trend, with Europe the leading region for new product development (NPD) in the second half (H2) of 2020; a po

Skin Match Technology unveils latest beauty tech findings

09 Jun 2021 --- Following its online survey, artificial intelligence (AI) solutions provider for the beauty industry, Skin Match Technology, uncovers how innovation in beauty technology (tech) is set to disrupt the sector. BPC Insights caught up with Shauneez Rigney, social media and content manager at Skin Match Technology to find out more about the brand’s inspiration, survey findings and expectations for the future of beauty tech and the wider beauty industry. What prompted Skin Match Techn

Indie beauty conversation with Odore

09 Jun 2021 --- After recently receiving an investment of $830,000, we talk to Armaan Mehta, co-founder of tech beauty sampling business Odore about the company’s journey so far and how it plans to progress its three pillars: creation, collaboration and data to ultimately transform the beauty industry. Click to EnlargeOdore co-founders Karam Gupta (left) and Armaan Mehta. Source: Odore.What was your inspiration behind Odore? Karan Gupta and I co-founded Odore, after meeting and studying at the

Beauty and entertainment merge to amplify engagement

21 May 2021 --- Achieving joyful, fun and playful beauty is not only limited to the use and selection of colors, formats and packaging. How beauty and personal care (BPC) brands engage with consumers also presents an opportunity to create sparks of enthusiasm that also provide a strong opportunity for brand loyalty. In recent years, the omnichannel experience has taken on more of a creative, innovative, adventurous and playful approach. Digital channels, quizzes and tools capture the consumer s

Science of beauty claims: What does the data say?

21 May 2021 --- According to the latest data from the Innova Beauty and Personal Care Survey 2020, in the eyes of the consumer, there appears to be a connection between product positioning and how safe a product is considered for the skin. We explore what these consumer responses reveal about the power of premium beauty products and the urgency for accurate scientific communication to prevail. As part of the Innova Beauty and Personal Care 2020 Survey, an average of 1,000 consumers in 11 differ

Personalization in fragrance post-pandemic

24 May 2021 --- How we shop, engage and interact with fragrance post-pandemic is set to look very different from the days of traditional touch-based spray samples that cater to all. Innovation centering on contactless, hygienic perfumery that reflects our unique needs through personalization is here. BPC Insights caught up with Johanna Monange, founder of Maison 21G, to explore what we can expect to see from personalized perfumery in the post-COVID era. What are the greatest opportunities for

What it means to be ethical, conscious and inclusive in today's beauty industry

24 May 2021 --- Talking to Jenn Harper, founder of the Indigenous-owned and founded cosmetics company, Cheekbone Beauty, BPC Insights explores the importance of having a social consciousness in beauty. How do you ensure that being socially-conscious drives your brand and your color cosmetics ranges? There is this beautiful power in cosmetics because it gives people that are using the product the ability to take themselves somewhere else. That could be with a simple aesthetic look. But it is al

What claims can you make about wellness beauty?

26 May 2021 --- Wellbeing is a crucial driver in beauty and personal care in 2021. As consumers increasingly value wellbeing, it has become a fundamental theme that influences consumer choice and change, explaining and predicting the key behavioral shifts that are likely to impact consumers, not only today but in the years ahead. The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health. It is the ongoing

Is conscious beauty replacing natural beauty?

2 June 2021 --- As the natural trend moves into a new era, beauty and personal care (BPC) shoppers are wanting to see more consciousness, consideration and care in the brands and products they gravitate toward. Those BPC names that genuinely base their models, new product development (NPD), daily activities and communication on conscious beauty for all—people and the planet—will win the respect of consumers. BPC Insights delves into the latest evolution of the naturals trend: Conscious beauty.

The future of evolving naturals

2 June 2021 --- As advances in biotechnology ingredients, product sustainability, local sourcing, green packaging and supply chain transparency drive beauty and personal care (BPC) brand strategies and product portfolios, we explore some of the opportunities and materials that are offshoots of the natural trend as we move into the age of conscious beauty. Rooted in nature as its name suggests, the naturals trend is both long-standing and innovative, having given rise to many other trends. Evolv

Three BPC brands channeling the conscious beauty movement

7 June 2021 --- With the naturals trend in beauty and personal care (BPC) shifting to the more holistic conscious beauty trend that puts people, communities and the planet at the top of the agenda, BPC Insights talks to three brands on what conscious beauty means to them. Tmf (True Makeup Freedom), which describes itself as a clean, organic and vegan color brand from Australia, has a very clear and strong vision of what conscious beauty means to them at Tmf. “Conscious to me, is a complete awar

Is CBD the biggest trends in the naturals space right now?

1 June 2021 --- As the natural trend evolves to meet ever-changing consumer attitudes and behaviors, we explore the cannabidiol (CBD) trend and its popularity among brands in the beauty and personal care (BPC). We talk to Imogen Matthews, Premium Beauty Insights Consultant to find out more about CBD in the era of evolving naturals. From skin care to hair care, BPC brands and ingredient companies are curious about the seemingly meteoric rise of CBD in the beauty sphere and are exploring its pote

How biotech is transforming nature-identical ingredient production

28 May 2021 --- As global calls to create real, sustainable change gather momentum, the natural trend has evolved into one that puts sustainability in the supply chain, front and center, and biotechnology-based formulations are leading the way. The beauty and personal care (BPC) industry is undoubtedly in constant flux, shifting and shaping to keep up with ever-evolving consumer demands. The sweeping feeling that the BPC space needs to do more to truly make sustainable change to meet global nee

How clean caffeine can shake up the RTD coffee category

We caught up with the Oregon brand’s co-founder, Paul Evers, to find out more about clean caffeine, the key ingredient behind the brand’s sustainable positioning, and how Riff Cold Brewed hopes to encourage the wider coffee industry to be more sustainable. What was your inspiration behind Riff Cold Brewed?​ Trying to discover what the next new, exciting category was, my son Bobby (co-founder of Riff Cold Brewed) and I started developing an idea and landed on the cold-brewed coffee sector. I s

Indie Beauty Conversation with O My Note

20 May 2021 --- Using data, artisan perfumers, and individual shoppers’ emotions, it is possible to create unique fragrances that center on personalization. That is exactly what O My Note, the perfume app that puts emotions at the heart of fragrance selection, is all about. BPC Insights talked to Dr Sameh Megrhi, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of O My Note, otherwise known as OMИ, to find out how it is using artificial intelligence and emotion to revolutionize the customer experience and
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