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Study distinguishes gut microbiome of autistic children

Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) appear to have a distinctive and underdeveloped range and volume of gut bacteria, known as the microbiome, that is not linked to their diet, a small study by researchers at The Chinese University of Hong Kong have found and published online in the journal Gut​. Seeing how the incidence of ASD has increased dramatically over the past two decades, and how many children with ASD continue to have difficulty with language or social skills for the rest of

CBD research progresses understanding of entourage effect

A team of researchers at the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics explored the role cannabinoids play in treating anxiety and seizures. Their research shows that hemp extracts provide high concentrations of cannabinoid acids in mice due to the pharmacokinetic entourage mechanism. There is a growing body of research exploring the idea that health benefits may be stronger​ when multiple compounds from the cannabis plant are present, which is known as the ‘entourage effect​’.The desire

Rethinking how to address beauty sustainability

15 Jul 2021 --- The 12th edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit shone a spotlight on the latest sustainable developments following arguably the most transformative year in beauty the global industry has ever seen. BPC Insights caught up with Amarjit Sahota, president of Sustainable Cosmetics Summit to find out just how much sustainable evolution is happening in the industry today. Between 21 and 24 June 2021, beauty brands gathered to hear and discuss the latest innovations, strategies and

Sozio acquires perfume composition specialist Synarome

15 Jul 2021 --- French fragrance composition specialist invests in organic synthesis and distillation specialist, Synarome. BPC Insights, caught up with Frederic Braud, general manager of Sozio to find out more about its latest deal in a busy year of purchases and developments. Family-owned European company, Sozio, focuses on the development and production of fragrance compositions. With over 260 years in the marketplace, the long-standing French company’s latest acquisition of fine perfumery,

How digital technology is enhancing diversity, inclusivity and sustainability

06 Jul 2021 --- Beauty brands are striving to utilize the capabilities and ongoing advancements of beauty technology to create diverse, inclusive and sustainable products and campaigns. BPC Insights talks with Shauneez Rigney, social media and content manager at Skin Match Technology to explore how the industry can achieve this with digital strategies and solutions. Beauty technology is changing how consumers interact with beauty and personal care (BPC) products, services and technologies. The

The real impact of the pandemic on premium fragrances

8 Jul 2021 --- BPC Insights speaks to Fiona Glen, Head of Projects at The Red Tree about the pandemic’s impact on the premium fragrance market, how we anticipate it will change in the second half of 2021, and how brands can maximize the biggest opportunities available. As the global population has lived with the COVID-19 pandemic for 18 months, the premium fragrance sector has been in a precarious position and split between those consumers that do not have disposable income to spend on luxury p

What claims can you make about wellness beauty?

26 May 2021 --- Wellbeing is a crucial driver in beauty and personal care in 2021. As consumers increasingly value wellbeing, it has become a fundamental theme that influences consumer choice and change, explaining and predicting the key behavioral shifts that are likely to impact consumers, not only today but in the years ahead. The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health. It is the ongoing

Personalization in fragrance post-pandemic

24 May 2021 --- How we shop, engage and interact with fragrance post-pandemic is set to look very different from the days of traditional touch-based spray samples that cater to all. Innovation centering on contactless, hygienic perfumery that reflects our unique needs through personalization is here. BPC Insights caught up with Johanna Monange, founder of Maison 21G, to explore what we can expect to see from personalized perfumery in the post-COVID era. What are the greatest opportunities for

What it means to be ethical, conscious and inclusive in today's beauty industry

24 May 2021 --- Talking to Jenn Harper, founder of the Indigenous-owned and founded cosmetics company, Cheekbone Beauty, BPC Insights explores the importance of having a social consciousness in beauty. How do you ensure that being socially-conscious drives your brand and your color cosmetics ranges? There is this beautiful power in cosmetics because it gives people that are using the product the ability to take themselves somewhere else. That could be with a simple aesthetic look. But it is al

Beauty and entertainment merge to amplify engagement

21 May 2021 --- Achieving joyful, fun and playful beauty is not only limited to the use and selection of colors, formats and packaging. How beauty and personal care (BPC) brands engage with consumers also presents an opportunity to create sparks of enthusiasm that also provide a strong opportunity for brand loyalty. In recent years, the omnichannel experience has taken on more of a creative, innovative, adventurous and playful approach. Digital channels, quizzes and tools capture the consumer s

Science of beauty claims: What does the data say?

21 May 2021 --- According to the latest data from the Innova Beauty and Personal Care Survey 2020, in the eyes of the consumer, there appears to be a connection between product positioning and how safe a product is considered for the skin. We explore what these consumer responses reveal about the power of premium beauty products and the urgency for accurate scientific communication to prevail. As part of the Innova Beauty and Personal Care 2020 Survey, an average of 1,000 consumers in 11 differ

How new essentials personal care “antibrand” Takk is tackling choice overload

15 Jun 2021 --- Officially launching in June 2020, Takk reveals it received its first subscriber exactly one year to the day of our interview: 9 June 2020. Takk made the very conscious decision to enter the essentials personal care sphere for a very particular reason, Takk’s founder Pinar Akiskalioglu shares: “I had been working in this industry, and believe there is such a huge amount of unnecessary choice in this sector especially. Every day, we are offered ‘solutions’ to the beauty problems

What does Helen of Troy recent divestment mean?

28 Jun 2021 --- Independent personal care company, HRB, announces its purchase of a portfolio of personal care brands from Helen of Troy. BPC Insights talked with William Sweedler, managing partner of HRB’s portfolio company, Tengram Capital Partners/Windsong Global, about the company’s decision to buy, what makes Helen of Troy stand out, and its plans for the immediate future. HRB Brands, a Tengram Capital Partners portfolio company, announced earlier in June that it has bought a portfolio of

La Perla presents its new beauty collection

25 Jun 2021 --- As 2021 marks luxury Italian fashion house La Perla’s entry into beauty, BPC Insights explores the new brand’s move into premium body care, color cosmetics and fragrance—and what La Perla beauty is all about. After six decades in fashion, 2021 saw the prominent name in high-end artisanal craftsmanship move into the beauty sphere. La Perla Beauty makes its bold entrance onto the luxury scene with a range of fragrance, body care and color cosmetics items. The collection comprises

BPC needs to build biotechnology awareness with consumers

25 Jun 2021 --- Calls for sustainable and effective ingredients that translate successfully as such in communications and claims is guiding biotechnology innovation in beauty—yet consumer confidence is not there just yet. BPC Insights spoke to Pauline Martin, operational marketing and communications manager at Givaudan about how beauty biotech can fully realize all its available opportunities. In recent years, the green and clean beauty trends have garnered huge, ongoing attention from beauty a

Skin care brand Medovie sees 50% rise in consultations about skin concerns

25 Jun 2021 --- Zoom meetings and Facetime catch-ups have largely replaced face-to-face communication—and it is impacting how consumers feel about their skin. BPC Insights talks to Nadav Shraibom, scientific founder and skin care consultant at Medovie to find out more about the impact enhanced digital activity is having on how we feel about our looks. Commissioning its study on skin care, Medovie surveyed 1,500 people to find out more about their dislike of the increased uptake of on-camera cha

Indie beauty conversation with SoPost

22 Jun 2021 --- After seeing a significant uptake in the use of targeted sampling campaigns since COVID-19, BPC Insights caught up with Jonny Grubin, CEO of SoPost, to find out how the online product sampling partner is keeping up with demand. At the end of 2020, Innova caught up with SoPost as part of its Premium Fragrance report to learn more about its sampling solution and how it had fared during the pandemic. Back then, Grubin shared: “2020 was a record year for us in terms of new business

Indie beauty conversation with tmf (True Makeup Freedom)

22 Jun 2021 --- With art as a focal point in the conceptualization and running of tmf (True Makeup Freedom), we speak to Jill Chambers, founder of tmf, to learn more about the brand’s position as a clean and vegan color brand that is both artist-driven and owned—discovering what this marriage between art and beauty creates. Can you tell me about your inspiration behind tmf? When did you launch? Click to EnlargeJill Chambers, founder of tmf. Source: tmf. The brand launched in June 2015. I had b

Nivea spotlights charcoal as innovative sheet mask ingredient

17 Jun 2021 --- Charcoal is a key ingredient in face care launches in 2021, with beauty brands opting for the novel beauty formulation favorite. To find out more about its popularity and presence in the market, BPC Insights spoke to Beiersdorf, which recently launched its Nivea Urban Skin Detox Mask. The recently-unveiled mask contains charcoal powder, a sought-after ingredient that has come under the spotlight as an in-demand formulation must-have for facial care launches. Nivea’s Urban Skin D
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