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“LATAM market is going through a big change”, Naturex says

Naturex was founded in 1992 and was recently acquired by flavors and fragrance giant Givaudan. The company, which is headquartered in France, manufactures and markets natural specialty ingredients for the food and health industries. 1. What are people's top needs ​in the nutrition, ingredients and functional food space?​ Rodrigo Setti: Our customers want to add benefits and functionality to traditional products while maintaining great taste and flavor. Naturex is working to satisfy consumers...

Brazilian guarana ingredient features in innovative launches, Duas Rodas reveals

As health and well-being continue to influence consumer food and beverage choices, Duas Rodas emphasizes how industry formulators, manufacturers and shoppers are seeking additional benefits to those that fulfill basic nutritional functions. Guarana, otherwise known as Paulinia cupana, is marketed as a medicinal plant and is featured in pharmacopeias in Brazil, Mexico and the US. Native to the Amazon region, the plant is recognized as having a slightly bitter taste with an astringent and acidic...

BB-12 probiotic strain may help lessen the impact of colic in infants, says study

Colic is a common problem throughout the world, with as many as 25% of infants suffering from the condition, which is characterized by long periods of crying and fussing with no obvious known cause. The new study, conducted by Professor Roberto Berni Canani, shows that Chr. Hansen’s probiotic Bifidobacterium animalis​ subsp. lactis​ BB‐12 (BB‐12) strain may help to lower crying duration in infants and the overall number of crying bouts. The aim of the recently published study was to determine

Core nutrition trends in 2020 and beyond demand more from innovators

What’s next in the world of food and nutrition? Food provenance and the country of origin​ As consumer lifestyles in different nations converge, the internationalization of food is leading food preferences to align and become more homogenous. However, with widespread travel a norm for many, consumers have the ability to try a selection of new cuisines and foodstuffs. Simultaneously, consumers are also adopting increased awareness and curiosity in the rediscovery of local food, a trend Euromon...

What's on the agenda for Sustainable Food and Nutrition in 2020?

Over 100 executives from the sustainable food and nutrition sphere joined the fifth Latin American edition of the summit in São Paulo, Brazil, on 28-29th November 2019. The industry insiders gathered to discuss the main sustainability issues that are facing the region’s food and nutrition space. Leading trends facing sustainable nutrition in Latin America focus on plant-based foods, biodiversity, traceability, organic food supply chains, veganism and vegetarianism and the development...

Debunking Technology Myths in Tech in 2020

It’s that time of year when predictions and myths for 2020 technology trends skyrocket. What will happen in the next 12 months, what new innovations will we see, and how will they change the way we work? The world of technology moves very quickly. So many things change and new innovations come to light rapidly. For us, as well as top trends in 2020, looking at some of the tech trends that have been building over the last few years and some of the technology myths that have cropped up around the...

Duas Rodas highlights botanical extracts and flavor potential of Yerba Mate

As the overlap between nutrition, food and beverage, and cosmetics industries grows, manufacturers are analyzing and utilizing the multifunctional properties of the South American plant, Yerba Mate, Duas Rodas revealed. Brazilian producer of flavors and ingredients for the food, beverage and nutraceutical industries, Duas Rodas, is plowing efforts and investment into research. Its aim is to grow its range of botanical extracts and flavors that are derived from the Yerba Mate plant.

Sustainability, storytelling, sport and sugar-free lead trends in 2020

When it comes to the key ingredients that LATAM consumers are demanding, consumers look for “natural ingredients that connect with their needs and concerns”, ​Julian Mellentin, food and beverage consultant at New Nutrition Business, highlighted. Ingredients that relate to key trends, including protein, good carbohydrates or low-carbohydrate alternatives, natural sugars and plant-based ingredients are attractive and prominent choices for food and beverage producers. Sharing insights on current

Fiber, gut health, plant-based and healthy diets lead LATAM consumer demands, Roquette says

1​. What are Roquette's current operations and activities in LATAM?​ In addition to its US footprint, Roquette opened an office in Mexico in 2006 and is also active in Brazil. Beyond our own footprint, we operate in LATAM through distribution agreements with strategic partners, such as Brenntag. Roquette has appointed Brenntag as the preferred distribution partner for its food product range in North Latin America.

DSM will “continue to invest in the region” despite “all the challenges”

With innovation a core focus in nutrition too, we spoke to Luiz Magalhães, Vice-President of DSM Human Nutrition & Health in Latin America and Maria Fernanda Elias, Communication Manager of Human Nutrition & Health in Latin America at DSM Nutritional Products about their plans for the region. 1. What are DSM's current nutritional operations and activities in LATA​M?​ DSM’s current operations in LATA​M comprise large participation in human nutrition and health, animal nutrition and health...

Calls for education on probiotic benefits in Mexico

NutraIngredients-LATAM spoke with Emer Mackle, Market Analyst, Lumina Intelligence​, about why these trends are so popular and what is influencing uptake. ‘How does this product help me?’ and ‘Who is it for?’ are key questions today’s Mexican probiotics consumers are asking. The health benefits that food and beverage products address are “critical” ​for the consumer choice in probiotics as they can support lifestyle changes. Probiotics may be used for weight management, for example. They can...

'Latin America is one of the emerging regions with growth potential': Chr. Hansen

1. What are Chr. Hansen's current operations and activities in LATAM? And why are LATAM markets key areas for Chr. Hansen? ​ In Latin America, Chr. Hansen started exporting its enzymes to Ecuador almost 100 years ago and today has operations across the continent. We operate with two plant facilities, one located in Brazil and another in Peru. We have sales offices in the main markets including Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. Each branch covers a specific geographical area.

Roquette produces new plant-based proteins from peas and fava beans

As flexitarianism gathers pace, more and more consumers are opting to reduce or remove meat proteins from their diets. Subsequently, opportunities are on the rise for plant-based food innovators. “The demand for plant-based foods, and especially for plant protein, is booming,” ​said Jean-Philippe Azoulay, Vice President of the Pea and New Proteins Business Line at Roquette. With such rapid growth comes consumer demands for new, novel and unique formulations to improve sensory, diversity...

CBD in Latin America: What can we expect?

A number of international companies such as Khiron Life Sciences, Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis and Medical Marijuana are growing their CBD presence throughout Latin America. Market intelligence provider, Euromonitor International found in its 2018 survey that the Latin American herbal/traditional topical analgesic and topical analgesic/anesthetic market is estimated at $380 million. Khiron Life Sciences is the first hemp cannabidiol (CBD) brand to launch into Latin America as part of its...

Top Data Protection Principles For Your Business

In an age where data security has never had more press, it’s not surprising that businesses are looking for ways to improve their existing data protection or put new measures in place. Good data protection principles form the cornerstone of best business practice. But how do you know what they are, what they look like, and how to put them in place in your business? As 2020 approaches, we’ve outlined some of the core data protection principles your business should have in place – and why.

Probiotic dietary supplements in Brazil are still “developing” and so education is “necessary”

Analyzing the product data available on the best-selling dietary supplements in Brazil, market data provider, Lumina Intelligence, reveals the specific supplement segments that are proving popular with key target consumers and why. Consumers often cite diet, nutrition and health-based reasons for adopting and adding a supplement-based routine to their daily eating and nutrition habits. In Brazil, digestion is the leading health benefit desired by consumers when looking for and buying dietary s

Naturex unveils fermented mineral to boost plant-based, on-the-go nutrition

Speaking to NutraIngredients-LATAM, Amandine De Santi, Customer Marketing Manager, EMEA, Naturex, talks us through industry demands for nutritious plant-based, takeaway choices. Naturex, which is now part of Givaudan, after the Swiss flavor manufacturer completed the acquisition of Naturex in September 2018, is turning its attention to plant-based nutrition that provides consumers with healthy eating options, on-the-go. In 2018 and 2017, food and beverage launches tracked with an on-the-go lab

‘The opportunity of Plant-based foods in LATAM is real,’ says DuPont N&B reveals

Survey data revealed that interest in plant protein in Colombia, Brazil and Argentina is 78%, 67% and 65%, respectively. For these consumers, texture, appearance and, in particular, taste that imitates meat products is vital. “​Plant-based foods are gaining momentum and the opportunity is real,”​ said Glauco Pinto, Marketing Lead for South America, DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences As food-based trends latch onto the rise of ​ demands from consumers, formulators and manufacturers seek to appeal...

Chr. Hansen’s probiotic blend supports intestinal health of preterm infants

Chr. Hansen has produced a new three-strain probiotic blend that can help support the health and development of intestines in preterm babies. The newly-released probiotic blend has been found to lower the risk of developing Necrotizing enterocolitis by 50%. Commenting on the key influences that prompted Chr. Hansen to research and develop its new three-strain probiotic blend, Adam Baker, Senior Manager of Human Health Innovation, revealed: “We are continuously driving research and innovation an...

“It’s Day 1 for inulin in LATAM”, nutrition trends company says

A soluble fiber present in numerous fruits and vegetables, inulin, can be found in many household foods and nutritional staples, including bananas, onions, wheat and chicory root. Inulin is formed from a chain of fructose molecules that are linked in a composition that prevents their digestion by the small intestine. Due to the way they are connected, these molecules travel to the lower gut, where they act as a prebiotic. Prebiotic fibers are dietary supplements that are the non-digestible part
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