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Hi, I’m Natasha Spencer-Jolliffe. I have been working as a freelance journalist for more than a decade and have a wide range of experience in writing on many topics, including beauty, food and drink, the environment, technology, health and law.

I have written for a variety of publications such as Ingredients Network, FI global and Cosmetics Design as well as producing content for webpages and press releases for brands and businesses. My work has been well received, with great reviews from both readers and clients.

I am passionate about producing quality content that is both informative and engaging. If you are looking for someone experienced in writing articles, press releases or web content, please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!

Plus, I love words. Listening to them, learning new ones, putting the perfect ones down on page to make that sentence just right, and whizzing them around again until they’re just so. And of course, nattering words to chat, relate, put the world to rights, ask questions, and generally find out more about the world and us in it.

Here you'll find my latest published articles.

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Natasha Spencer-Jolliffe

Here are my latest published articles

Avoiding Pseudoscience While Researching Food and Health | EBSCOpost

Food industry professionals, researchers and consumers receive considerable information on food, nutrition and health. Exposure to articles, recordings and opinions that are presented as scientific but that are pseudoscience has the potential to influence awareness, knowledge and decision-making abilities.

Today, work published in predatory journals accounts for a staggering fifth of global scientific output, according to one study. That amounts to almost half a million articles a year, with th

Collaboration over competition? Cocoa companies push for equitable farming

Despite farmgate prices rising​ in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire from 1st October 2023, the Living Income Reference Prices (LIRP) remain unmet, cocoa companies including Tony Chocoloney and Fairtrade argue, prompting them to urge for better corporate responsibility to pay farmers an equitable share of profits.

“Tony’s and Fairtrade are aligned regarding the calculation of the Living Income Reference Prices (LIRP) for cocoa – hence we are also in agreement regarding the fact that regulated farmgate pr

The Ancient Beauty Secret: Unlocking the Power of Frankincense in Skincare

Frankincense, the ancient beauty secret, has been used for centuries to protect and enhance the skin’s healthy appearance. In this month’s blog, we delve into the history of frankincense, how it’s used in skincare products, its benefits and how to choose a skincare formulation with frankincense.

Uncovering the power of frankincense in skincare is not a modern-day find–its roots date back centuries. Yet, skincare lovers are still discovering the ancient beauty ingredient today.

Frankincense is

Scientists discover value-added benefits of sea cucumbers

Bioactive compounds in sea cucumbers could protect people from Type 2 diabetes, a new research study finds.

Researchers from the University of South Australia have analysed sea cucumbers, or Holothuria scabra Jaegar 1833, to evaluate the inhibitory properties of protein-bound advanced glycation end products (AGEs). The study furthers understanding of the part the marine animal extracts play in lowering the onset of diabetes.
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