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Top Data Protection Principles For Your Business

In an age where data security has never had more press, it’s not surprising that businesses are looking for ways to improve their existing data protection or put new measures in place. Good data protection principles form the cornerstone of best business practice. But how do you know what they are, what they look like, and how to put them in place in your business? As 2020 approaches, we’ve outlined some of the core data protection principles your business should have in place – and why.

Probiotic dietary supplements in Brazil are still “developing” and so education is “necessary”

Analyzing the product data available on the best-selling dietary supplements in Brazil, market data provider, Lumina Intelligence, reveals the specific supplement segments that are proving popular with key target consumers and why. Consumers often cite diet, nutrition and health-based reasons for adopting and adding a supplement-based routine to their daily eating and nutrition habits. In Brazil, digestion is the leading health benefit desired by consumers when looking for and buying dietary s

Naturex unveils fermented mineral to boost plant-based, on-the-go nutrition

Speaking to NutraIngredients-LATAM, Amandine De Santi, Customer Marketing Manager, EMEA, Naturex, talks us through industry demands for nutritious plant-based, takeaway choices. Naturex, which is now part of Givaudan, after the Swiss flavor manufacturer completed the acquisition of Naturex in September 2018, is turning its attention to plant-based nutrition that provides consumers with healthy eating options, on-the-go. In 2018 and 2017, food and beverage launches tracked with an on-the-go lab

‘The opportunity of Plant-based foods in LATAM is real,’ says DuPont N&B reveals

Survey data revealed that interest in plant protein in Colombia, Brazil and Argentina is 78%, 67% and 65%, respectively. For these consumers, texture, appearance and, in particular, taste that imitates meat products is vital. “​Plant-based foods are gaining momentum and the opportunity is real,”​ said Glauco Pinto, Marketing Lead for South America, DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences As food-based trends latch onto the rise of ​ demands from consumers, formulators and manufacturers seek to appeal...

Chr. Hansen’s probiotic blend supports intestinal health of preterm infants

Chr. Hansen has produced a new three-strain probiotic blend that can help support the health and development of intestines in preterm babies. The newly-released probiotic blend has been found to lower the risk of developing Necrotizing enterocolitis by 50%. Commenting on the key influences that prompted Chr. Hansen to research and develop its new three-strain probiotic blend, Adam Baker, Senior Manager of Human Health Innovation, revealed: “We are continuously driving research and innovation an...

“It’s Day 1 for inulin in LATAM”, nutrition trends company says

A soluble fiber present in numerous fruits and vegetables, inulin, can be found in many household foods and nutritional staples, including bananas, onions, wheat and chicory root. Inulin is formed from a chain of fructose molecules that are linked in a composition that prevents their digestion by the small intestine. Due to the way they are connected, these molecules travel to the lower gut, where they act as a prebiotic. Prebiotic fibers are dietary supplements that are the non-digestible part

What is Employment Law? - How to Become an Employment Lawyer

What is Employment Law? – How to Become an Employment Lawyer Employment law is an area of legal practice that relates to everything that we do in the world of work. It spans a vast array of topics from employees and their rights, an employer’s rights, duties and obligations and much more. The balance between employee and employer in both small family-run companies and multinational corporates is vital. This is the fundamental principle underpinning employment law.

Roquette Ventures invests in AP Technologies to develop HMOs for infant nutrition

Nutrition company Roquette, which has manufacturing operations in Brazil, will pair its venture investment arm with the protein manufacturing firm, Advanced Protein Technologies (AP Technologies). Together, the two companies will explore and progress understanding and capabilities of human breast milk nutritional components. Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs), which can only be found in human milk, are cognitive and immune-activating ingredients. Protein manufacturing technology specialists, AP...

Brazilian AgFood startups to innovate with first-of-its-kind AgTech fund

Company and fund investor, BASF Venture Capital, injects $4 million into the Brazilian AgVentures II fund, as part of its first round of closing. The AgVentures II fund is the only fund that exclusively focuses on agricultural technology, (AgTech). The fund is managed by São Paulo-based SP Ventures, an AgFood tech leader in Latin America. Chemical company BASF’s investment will center on its nutrition, care and agricultural solutions business. Highlighting that BASF Venture Capital's investmen

Tate & Lyle explores the relationship between nutritious ingredients and the glycemic response

A recent whitepaper by the ingredient supplier provides advice and recommendations on how manufacturers can develop products that enable consumers to have better awareness and control over their blood glucose, while also following a nutritious daily diet that meets guidelines. Ingredient tools, such as fibers and sweeteners, that consider the glycemic response, are currently available to developers and producers to assess and implement in their food and beverage designs. Understanding the prev

$1.35 billion plan addresses nutritional needs of Venezuelan refugees and migrants

The Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan for Refugees and Migrants (RMRP 2020) sets out the key actions it will take between January-December 2020 to improve the humanitarian conditions for refugees and migrants from Venezuela. Approximately 4.6 million refugees and migrants from Venezuela reside around the world, figures from early November 2019 show. Almost 80% are in Latin American and Caribbean countries. With no plans to return to Venezuela in the immediate or near future, current t

Mindful eating dominates as consumers seek rich nutritious profiles

Described by Euromonitor International as a “constantly evolving trend”, ​mindful eating revolves around a balanced diet that contains nutritious foods. As well as reducing or removing ‘bad’ nutrients such as sugar, salt or carbs in their diets, consumers are simultaneously trying to increase the amount of ‘good’ nutrients, such as fiber and protein, they eat. New beliefs around food are driving consumer preferences for more natural and less-processed foods, short ingredient lists, clean labels...

Label harmonization will lead national nutrition strategies in 2020

Speaking with NutraIngredients-LATAM, David Pineda Ereño, Advisor on Strategy, Policy and Regulation at DPE International Consulting explained the developments we can expect to see in individual Latin American countries to improve nutrition and support targets. While three key ​are set to spearhead nutritional development strategies across the LATAM region in 2020, there is a wide variety of initiatives and actions taking place on the national level. Throughout LATAM, individual nations are ex

LATAM makes greatest global progress in lowering stunting, Scaling Up Nutrition reveals

The Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Global Gathering 2019, themed Nourishing people and planet together,​ brings together priorities and representatives from civil society, United Nations agencies, private sector partners, academia, media, parliamentarians and donors. Launched in 2010, the SUN movement strives to provide an ongoing and practical view of how the global community can unite to drive change and call for an end to malnutrition by 2030. Commenting on the strategy and its accompanying roa

Axiom Foods enters Brazilian plant protein market

A keen advocate and leader in the plant-based market, Axiom Foods, has entered into a distribution agreement with ingredients supplier, Univar Solutions Brazil. With the global plant protein demand expected to reach $14.5bn by 2025, Axiom Foods will present its selection of plant-based ingredients to the Brazilian marketplace. The company will appeal to Brazilian consumers by providing functional plant proteins that offer meat alternatives. In 2018, the Latin American country witnessed exponent...

LATAM population struggles to afford nutritious diet, study finds

The EAT–Lancet reference diet is unaffordable for an estimated 1.58 billion people around the world, as its cost outpaces the minimum amount required to achieve nutrient adequacy. Latin America and the Caribbean witnesses the highest median cost per day, out of anywhere around the world, at $3.42. In the first global benchmark diet of its kind “capable of sustaining health and protecting the planet”​, The EAT–Lancet Commission was asked to create a universal reference diet in a bid to develop a...

The Future of IT: Top Trends in Connectivity in 2020

The Future of IT: Top Trends in Connectivity in 2020 The future of IT, where to begin? It’s that time of year – where we all start getting nostalgic about the year that’s nearly over, as well as excited over the new year to come. And that also means predictions about what we will see over the next 12 months and beyond. So, what can we expect, technologically? We’ve talked a little bit about the Internet of Things (IoT) before amid the growth of connectivity. IoT is designed to do just that, to

Global warming predicted to adversely affect crop production and increase undernutrition: study

Xu et al (2019) undertook the Brazil-based study with the aim of understanding and quantifying the correlation between short-term heat exposure and the risk of hospitalization from undernutrition. First of its kind to analyze heat exposure and hospitalization​ Hailed as “the first study to our knowledge to evaluate the association between heat exposure and risk of hospitalization for undernutrition”​, the study looks at the effects of heat exposure on the hospitalization of people with...

Verus enters Brazil with Nutribrands stake

In acquiring a controlling interest in Nutribrands, Verus International, which is a subsidiary of branded consumer products provider Verus Foods, will strive to reach and appeal to Brazilian buyers. Prevalent in the sports nutrition, energy, vitamin supplement, and fat reduction segments, Nutribrands has a popular and mature position throughout the Latin American country. The ties between the Brazil-based nutrition name and the USA are already present, as Nutribrands currently owns, imports and...

Argentina announces 50% increase in nutrition policy budget amid food emergency

Although 2019 has witnessed its anticipated record levels of cereal production, it has failed to turnaround the growing intensity of the threat to food and nutrition. Due to the acute weakening of the local currency and rising inflation rate, cereal prices have spiked at an ongoing and detrimental rate. As a result, the alarming pricing levels are drastically restricting the Argentinian population’s access to food. 2018 saw the Latin American country’s GDP experience negative growth, depreciat
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